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Title: Submillimetre galaxies reside in dark matter haloes with masses greater than 3 x 10(11) solar masses
Authors: Amblard, A
Cooray, A
Serra, P
Altieri, B
Arumugam, V
Aussel, H
Blain, A
Bock, J
Boselli, A
Buat, V
Castro-Rodriguez, N
Cava, A
Chanial, P
Chapin, E
Clements, DL
Conley, A
Conversi, L
Dowell, CD
Dwek, E
Eales, S
Elbaz, D
Farrah, D
Franceschini, A
Gear, W
Glenn, J
Griffin, M
Halpern, M
Hatziminaoglou, E
Ibar, E
Isaak, K
Ivison, RJ
Khostovan, AA
Lagache, G
Levenson, L
Lu, N
Madden, S
Maffei, B
Mainetti, G
Marchetti, L
Marsden, G
Mitchell-Wynne, K
Nguyen, HT
O'Halloran, B
Oliver, SJ
Omont, A
Page, MJ
Panuzzo, P
Papageorgiou, A
Pearson, CP
Perez-Fournon, I
Pohlen, M
Rangwala, N
Roseboom, IG
Rowan-Robinson, M
Sanchez Portal M
Schulz, B
Scott, D
Seymour, N
Shupe, DL
Smith, AJ
Stevens, JA
Symeonidis, M
Trichas, M
Tugwell, K
Vaccari, M
Valiante, E
Valtchanov, I
Vieira, JD
Vigroux, L
Wang, L
Ward, R
Wright, G
Xu, CK
Zemcov, M
First Published: 24-Feb-2011
Citation: NATURE, 2011, 470 (7335), pp. 510-512
DOI Link: 10.1038/nature09771
ISSN: 0028-0836
Type: Journal Article
Appears in Collections:Published Articles, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

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