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Title: Stable, selectable, integrative DNA transformation in Physarum
Authors: Burland, T. G.
Bailey, Juliet
Pallotta, D.
Dove, W. F.
First Published: 1993
Citation: Gene, 1993, 132 (2), pp. 207-212
Abstract: The Physarum polycephalum actin promoter, PardC, can drive transient expression of heterologous genes in Physarum amoebae. The hph gene, encoding hygromycin (Hy) phosphotransferase, can confer resistance to Hy on a broad spectrum of organisms. When PardC is translationally fused to hph and transformed into yeasts on high-copy-number vectors, the yeasts become Hy resistant (Hy[superscript: R]), showing that PardC-hph is a functional, selectable genetic element. To establish a stable transformation system for Physarum, we electroporated plasmids bearing PardC-hph into Physarum amoebae and then selected for Hy[superscript: R] transformants. We show that Hy[superscript: R] amoebae arise upon the stable integration of PardC-hph into the nuclear genome in single copy. These results establish a transformation system that can be used to add plasmidborne genetic information to Physarum.
DOI Link: 10.1016/0378-1119(93)90197-B
ISSN: 0378-1119
Type: Journal Article
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