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Title: Decreased Lin7b expression in layer 5 pyramidal neurons may contribute to impaired corticostriatal connectivity in huntington disease.
Authors: Zucker, B
Kama, JA
Kuhn, A
Thu, D
Orlando, LR
Dunah, AW
Gokce, O
Taylor, DM
Lambeck, J
Friedrich, B
Lindenberg, KS
Faull, RL
Weiller, C
Young, AB
Luthi-Carter, R
First Published: Sep-2010
Citation: J NEUROPATHOL EXP NEUROL, 2010, 69 (9), pp. 880-895
Abstract: Motor dysfunction, cognitive impairment, and regional cortical atrophy indicate cerebral cortical involvement in Huntington disease (HD). To address the hypothesis that abnormal corticostriatal connectivity arises from polyglutamine-related alterations in cortical gene expression, we isolated layer 5 cortical neurons by laser-capture microdissection and analyzed transcriptome-wide mRNA changes in them. Enrichment of transcription factor mRNAs including foxp2, tbr1, and neuroD6, and neurotransmission- and plasticity-related RNAs including sema5A, pclo, ntrk2, cntn1, and Lin7b were observed. Layer 5 motor cortex neurons of transgenic R6/2 HD mice also demonstrated numerous transcriptomic changes, including decreased expression of mRNAs encoding the Lin7 homolog b ([Lin7b] also known as veli-2 and mals2). Decreases in LIN7B and CNTN1 RNAs were also detected in human HD layer 5 motor cortex neurons. Lin7 homolog b, a scaffold protein implicated in synaptic plasticity, neurite outgrowth, and cellular polarity, was decreased at the protein level in layer 5 cortical neurons in R6/2 mice and human HD brains. Decreases in Lin7b and Lin7a mRNAs were detected in R6/2 cortex as early as 6 weeks of age, suggesting that this is an early pathogenetic event. Thus, decreased cortical LIN7 expression may contribute to abnormal corticostriatal connectivity in HD.
DOI Link: 10.1097/NEN.0b013e3181ed7a41
ISSN: 0022-3069
Type: Journal Article
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