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27-Aug-2004Flexible N,N,N-Chelates as Supports for Iron and Cobalt Chloride Complexes; Synthesis, Structures, DFT calculations and Ethylene Oligomerisation StudiesCowdell, Richard; Davies, Christopher J.; Hilton, Stephen J.; Maréchal, Jean-Didier; Solan, Gregory A.; Thomas, Owen; Fawcett, JohnArticle
25-Feb-2005Recycling of a perfluoroalkylated BINOL ligand using fluorous solid-phase extraction.Fawcett, John; Hope, Eric G.; Stuart, Alison M.; West, Andrew J.Article
2-Sep-2005Hydrogenation in Supercritical 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane(HFC 134a).Abbott, Andrew P.; Eltringham, Wayne; Hope, Eric G.; Nicola, M.Article
30-Mar-2005Impact of halogen monoxide chemistry upon boundary layer OH and HO[subscript 2] concentrations at a coastal siteBloss, W. J.; Lee, J. D.; Johnson, G. P.; Sommariva, R.; Heard, D. E.; Saiz-Lopez, A.; Plane, J. M. C.; McFiggans, G.; Coe, H.; Flynn, M.; Williams, P.; Rickard, A. R.; Fleming, Zoe L.Journal Article
12-Dec-2003The regiospecific Fischer Indole reaction in choline chloride.2ZnCl[subscript 2] with product isolation by direct sublimation from the ionic liquidCalderon Morales, Raul; Tambyrajah, Vasuki; Jenkins, Paul R.; Davies, David L.; Abbott, Andrew P.Article
2005Phenolic Reactions for Leather Tanning and DyeingSuparno, OnoThesis
17-Jul-2006Infrared spectroscopy of Li(NH[subscript 3])[subscript n] clusters for n=4-7Salter, Tom E.; Mikhailov, Victor A.; Evans, Corey J.; Ellis, Andrew M.Journal Article
2-Oct-2007Electron impact ionization of water-doped superfluid helium nanodroplets: observation of He (H2O)+n clustersYang, Shengfu; Brereton, Scott M.; Nandhra, Satvinder; Ellis, Andrew M.; Shang, Bo; Yuan, Lan-Feng; Yang, JinlongArticle
Feb-2009Review : Impacts of local human activities on the Antarctic environmentTin, T.; Fleming, Zoe L.; Hughes, K. A.; Ainley, D. G.; Convey, P.; Moreno, C. A.; Pfeiffer, S.; Scott, J.; Snape, I.Journal Article
17-Jul-2008Chemistry of the Antarctic boundary layer and the Interface with Snow : an overview of the CHABLIS campaignJones, A. E.; Wolff, E. W.; Salmon, R. A.; Bauguitte, S. J. -B.; Roscoe, H. K.; Anderson, P. S.; Ames, D.; Clemitshaw, K. C.; Fleming, Zoe L.; Bloss, W. J.; Heard, D. E.; Lee, J. D.; Read, K. A.; Hamer, P.; Shallcross, D. E.; Jackson, A. V.; Walker, S. L.; Lewis, A. C.; Mills, G. P.; Plane, J. M. C.; Saiz-Lopez, A.; Sturges, W. T.; Worton, D. R.Journal Article