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1-Aug-2006Chiral pyridine imidazolines from C-symmetric diamines: Synthesis, arene ruthenium complexes and application as asymmetric catalysis for Diels-Alder reactionsDavenport, AJ; Davies, DL; Fawcett, J; Russell, DRJournal Article
18-Dec-2006N-H versus C-H activation of a pyrrole imine at {Cp*Ir}: A computational and experimental studyDavies, DL; Al-Duaij, O; Fawcett, J; Donald, SMA; Little, C; Macgregor, SAJournal Article
21-Nov-2010Alkyne insertion into cyclometallated pyrazole and imine complexes of iridium, rhodium and ruthenium; relevance to catalytic formation of carbo- and heterocycles.Boutadla, Y; Davies, DL; Al-Duaij, O; Fawcett, J; Jones, RC; Singh, KJournal Article
14-Aug-2009Computational and synthetic studies on the cyclometallation reaction of dimethylbenzylamine with [IrCl2Cp*]2: role of the chelating base.Boutadla, Y; Davies, DL; Macgregor, SA; Poblador-Bahamonde, AIJournal Article
12-Oct-2005Computational study of the mechanism of cyclometalation by palladium acetate.Davies, DL; Donald, SM; Macgregor, SAJournal Article
1-May-2006Cp*rhodium complexes with salicyloxazolines: Diastereoselective synthesis, configurational stability and use as asymmetric catalysts for a Diels-Alder reactionDavenport, AJ; Davies, DL; Fawcett, J; Russell, DRJournal Article
26-Jan-2009Mechanistic study of acetate-assisted c-h activation of 2-substituted pyridines with [MCl Cp*] (M = Rh, Ir) and [RuCl (p-cymene)]2Boutadla, Y; Omar, A-D; Davies, DL; Griffith, GA; Singh, KJournal Article
5-Feb-2010Cu-catalyzed N-alkynylation of imidazoles, benzimidazoles, indazoles, and pyrazoles using PEG as solvent medium.Burley, GA; Davies, DL; Griffith, GA; Lee, M; Singh, KJournal Article
15-Mar-2008Cyclometallated imine complexes with oxygen-functionalised side-chains: Effect of the nature of the functional group, chain length and charge on coordination of the oxygenDavies, DL; Al-Duaij, O; Fawcett, J; Singh, KJournal Article
14-Aug-2009Mechanisms of C-H bond activation: rich synergy between computation and experiment.Boutadla, Y; Davies, DL; Macgregor, SA; Poblador-Bahamonde, AIJournal Article