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7-Jun-2010Electron attachment to amino acid clusters in helium nanodroplets: Glycine, alanine, and serineFerreira Da Silva F; Denifl, S; Märk, TD; Scheier, P; Ellis, AMJournal Article
1992Electronic spectroscopy of jet-cooled half-sandwich organometallic free radicals: Laser-induced fluorescence study of the monomethylcyclopentadienyl complexes of zinc and cadmiumRobles, ESJ; Ellis, AM; Miller, TA; Ellis, AMJournal Article
Feb-2012Ionization of methane clusters in helium nanodropletsLeidlmair, C; Bartl, P; Schöbel, H; Denifl, S; Scheier, P; Yang, S; Ellis, AMJournal Article
28-Apr-2010Communications: The electronic spectrum of Li(NH3)4.Varriale, L; Tonge, NM; Bhalla, N; Ellis, AMJournal Article
11-Jun-2003A new potential energy surface for He-HCOWheeler, MD; Ellis, AMJournal Article
15-Jul-2006Chemical ionization reaction time-of-flight mass spectrometry: Multi-reagent analysis for determination of trace gas compositionBlake, RS; Wyche, KP; Ellis, AM; Monks, PSJournal Article
Oct-2005Controlled growth of helium nanodroplets from a pulsed sourceYang, S; Brereton, SM; Ellis, AMJournal Article
2009Electron attachment and electron ionization of acetic acid clusters embedded in helium nanodropletsFerreira Da Silva F; Jaksch, S; Denifl, S; Märk, TD; Scheier, P; Ferreira Da Silva F; Martins, G; Limão-Vieira, P; Dang, HM; Dampc, M; Liu, J; Yang, S; Ellis, AMJournal Article
1-Jun-2007Fast fingerprinting of arson accelerants by proton transfer reaction time-of-flight mass spectrometryWhyte, C; Wyche, KP; Kholia, M; Ellis, AM; Monks, PSJournal Article
21-Oct-2008Intercomparison of oxygenated volatile organic compound measurements at the SAPHIR atmosphere simulation chamberApel, EC; Brauers, T; Koppmann, R; Bandowe, B; Bossmeyer, J; Holzke, C; Tillmann, R; Wahner, A; Wegener, R; Brunner, A; Jocher, M; Ruuskanen, T; Spirig, C; Steigner, D; Steinbrecher, R; Alvarez, EG; Mueller, K; Burrows, JP; Schade, G; Solomon, SJ; Ladstaetter-Weissenmayer, A; Simmonds, P; Young, D; Hopkins, JR; Lewis, AC; Legreid, G; Reimann, S; Hansel, A; Wisthaler, A; Blake, RS; Ellis, AM; Monks, PS; Wyche, KPJournal Article