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18-May-2011Core-shell effects in the ionization of doped helium nanodropletsLiu, Jun; Shepperson, Benjamin; Ellis, Andrew M.; Yang, ShengfuJournal Article
24-Oct-2012Helium droplets : a chemistry perspective.Yang, Shengfu; Ellis, Andrew M.Journal Article
22-Oct-2012Photoionization of Yb(NH[subscript 3])[subscript n] ComplexesGuttridge, Matthew J.; Don, Sadna H.; Ellis, Andrew M.Journal Article
27-Feb-2013Real-time multi-marker measurement of organic compounds in human breath : towards fingerprinting breath.White, Iain R.; Willis, Kerry A.; Whyte, Chris; Cordell, Rebecca; Blake, Robert S.; Wardlaw, Andrew J.; Grigg, J.; Ellis, Andrew M.; Monks, Paul S.; Rao, S.Journal Article
30-Nov-2012Communication: Electron impact ionization of binary H2O∕X clusters in helium nanodroplets: an ab initio perspective.Shepperson, Benjamin; Liu, Jun; Ellis, Andrew M.; Yang, ShengfuJournal Article
13-Feb-2012Electronic spectroscopy of jet-cooled YbNH3.Tonge, Nicola M.; Rusher, Cassandra A.; Bhalla, Nitika; Varriale, Luigi; Ellis, Andrew M.Journal Article
17-Jul-2006Infrared spectroscopy of Li(NH[subscript 3])[subscript n] clusters for n=4-7Salter, Tom E.; Mikhailov, Victor A.; Evans, Corey J.; Ellis, Andrew M.Journal Article
2-Oct-2007Electron impact ionization of water-doped superfluid helium nanodroplets: observation of He (H2O)+n clustersYang, Shengfu; Brereton, Scott M.; Nandhra, Satvinder; Ellis, Andrew M.; Shang, Bo; Yuan, Lan-Feng; Yang, JinlongArticle
23-Jan-2013Electron-driven ionization of large methanol clusters in helium nanodropletsGoulart, Marcelo; Bartl, Peter; Mauracher, Andreas; Zappa, Fabio; Ellis, Andrew M.; Scheier, PaulJournal Article
23-Sep-2013Electronic spectroscopy of toluene in helium nanodroplets : evidence for a long-lived excited state.Shepperson, Benjamin; Tandy, Jon; Boatwright, Adrian; Feng, Cheng; Spence, Daniel; Shirley, Andrew; Yang, Shengfu; Ellis, Andrew M.Journal Article