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9-Feb-2012Cationic rhodium(I) and iridium(I) α-diimine complexesHarding, DAJ; Hope, EG; Singh, K; Solan, GAJournal Article
2-Dec-2004Synthesis and structural characterisation of cobalt(II) and iron(II) chloride complexes containing bis(2-pyridylmethyl)amine and tris(2- pyridylmethyl)amine ligandsDavies, CJ; Solan, GA; Fawcett, JJournal Article
1-Jan-2001Bis(imino)pyridyl iron and cobalt complexes: the effect of nitrogen substituents on ethylene oligomerisation and polymerisationBritovsek, GJP; Gibson, VC; Kimberley, BS; Mastroianni, S; Redshaw, C; Solan, GA; White, AJP; Williams, DJJournal Article
2000Synthesis of three-membered metallaphosphaheterocycles and their ring opening with Ph2PH on mixed-metal molybdenum-cobalt centresDavies, JE; Raithby, PR; Solan, GA; Mays, MJ; Sarveswaran, KJournal Article
1-Jan-2001Synthesis and characterisation of neutral dialkylaluminium complexes stabilised by salicylaldiminato ligands, and their conversion to monoalkylaluminium cationsCameron, PA; Gibson, VC; Redshaw, C; Segal, JA; Solan, GA; White, AJP; Williams, DJJournal Article
1-Jan-2001Alkyne-phosphinoalkyne coupling reactions on mixed-metal tungsten-cobalt centres; P-C(alkyne) bond cleavage versus P-C(alkyne) bond preservationDavies, JE; Mays, MJ; Raithby, PR; Sarveswaran, K; Solan, GAJournal Article
24-Sep-2007Aluminum alkyl-mediated route to novel N,N,O-chelates for five-coordinate Iron(II) chloride complexes: Synthesis, structures, and ethylene polymerization studiesGibson, VC; White, AJP; Williams, DJ; Redshaw, C; Solan, GAJournal Article
15-Nov-2007Alkynylphosphanes as supports for mixed-metal CoM (M = Ru, Os) fluoride complexes: Syntheses, structures and thermolysis studiesHarding, DAJ; Hope, EG; Fawcett, J; Solan, GAJournal Article
2007Factors affecting imine coordination in (iminoterpyridine)MX (M = Fe, Co, Ni, Zn): Synthesis, structures, DFT calculations and ethylene oligomerisation studiesChampouret, YDM; Maréchal, J-D; Chaggar, RK; Fawcett, J; Singh, K; Solan, GA; Maréchal, J-D; Maseras, F; Maréchal, J-DJournal Article
14-Sep-2009N-Heterocyclic carbene-containing ruthenium difluoro complexes and their reactivity towards BF(3).Fawcett, J; Harding, DA; Hope, EG; Singh, K; Solan, GAJournal Article