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4-Mar-2015Kerb and urban increment of highly time-resolved trace elements in PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.0 winter aerosol in London during ClearfLo 2012Fleming, ZoeJournal Article
7-May-2015Antitumour potential of BPT: a dual inhibitor of cdk4 and tubulin polymerizationMahale, S.; Bharate, S. B.; Manda, S.; Joshi, P.; Jenkins, P. R.; Vishwakarma, R. A.; Chaudhuri, B.Journal Article
1998The Preparation and Intramolecular Radical Cyclisation Reactions of Chiral Oxime EthersBooth, Susan E.; Jenkins, Paul R.; Swain, Christopher J.Journal Article
13-Aug-2015Tropospheric ozone and its precursors from the urban to the global scale from air quality to short-lived climate forcerMonks, Paul Steven; Archibald, A. T.; Colette, A.; Cooper, O.; Coyle, M.; Derwent, R.; Fowler, D.; Granier, C.; Law, K. S.; Mills, G. E.; Stevenson, D. S.; Tarasova, O.; Thouret, V.; von Schneidemesser, E.; Sommariva, R.; Wild, O.; Williams, M. L.Journal Article
6-Aug-1976Bis (2-Methyl-Delta-2 (3)-Oxadiazine-4, 6-Dione)-5-SulfonylSingh, R.; Sridhara, Narendra S.Journal Article
11-Aug-2015Dimethyl-Aluminium Complexes Bearing Naphthyl-Substituted Pyridine-Alkylamides as Pro-Initiators for the Efficient ROP of epsilon-CaprolactoneArmitage, Andrew P.; Boyron, O.; Champouret, Yohan D. M.; Patel, Mehzabin; Singh, Kuldip; Solan, Gregory AdamJournal Article
21-Nov-2015Analytical Applications of MIPs in Diagnostic Assays: Future perspectivesWhitcombe, Michael J.; Bedwell, Thomas S.Journal Article
23-Apr-2015Instrument intercomparison of glyoxal, methyl glyoxal and NO2 under simulated atmospheric conditionsThalman, R.; Baeza-Romero, M. T.; Ball, S. M.; Borras, E.; Daniels, M. J. S.; Goodall, I. C. A.; Henry, S. B.; Karl, T.; Keutsch, F. N.; Kim, S.; Mak, J.; Monks, P. S.; Munoz, A.; Orlando, J.; Peppe, S.; Rickard, A. R.; Rodenas, M.; Sanchez, P.; Seco, R.; Su, L.; Tyndall, G.; Vazquez, M.; Vera, T.; Waxman, E.; Volkamer, R.Journal Article
12-Jan-2010Intercomparison of measurements of NO2 concentrations in the atmosphere simulation chamber SAPHIR during the NO3Comp campaignFuchs, H.; Ball, Stephen Malcolm; Bohn, B.; Brauers, T.; Cohen, R. C.; Dorn, H-P.; Dube, W. P.; Fry, J. L.; Haeseler, R.; Heitmann, U.; Jones, R. L.; Kleffmann, J.; Mentel, T. F.; Muesgen, P.; Rohrer, F.; Rollins, A. W.; Ruth, A. A.; Kiendler-Scharr, A.; Schlosser, E.; Shillings, A. J. L.; Tillmann, R.; Varma, R. M.; Venables, D. S.; Tapia, G. V.; Wahner, A.; Wegener, R.; Wooldridge, P. J.; Brown, S. S.Journal Article
2012Ionic Liquids: Potential Electrolytes for Electrochemical ApplicationsZein El Abedin, S.; Ryder, K. S.; Höfft, O.; Farag, H. K.Journal Article
2014Crystal structure of 4,6-di­amino-2-sulfanyl­idene-1,2-di­hydro­pyridine-3-carbo­nitrileMohamed, S. K.; Akkurt, M.; Singh, Kuldip; Hussein, B. R. M.; Albayatif, Mustafa R.Journal Article
2016Metabolite profiling of the ripening of Mangifera indica L. cv. 'Tommy Atkins' by real-time measurement of volatile organic compoundsMonks, Paul Steven; White, I. R.; Blake, R.; Taylor, A.Journal Article
29-Aug-2014Removal of casting defects from CMSX-4 (R) and CMSX-10 (R) alloys by electropolishing in a novel electrolyte; Deep Eutectic SolventDsouza, N; Appleton, M; Ballantyne, Andrew; Cook, Amy; Harris, Robert; Ryder, Karl SJournal Article
25-Feb-2015Exploring new dimensions in cadaveric decomposition odour analysisStefanuto, P.-H.; Perrault, K. A.; Lloyd, R. M.; Stuart, B.; Rai, T.; Forbes, S. L.; Focant, J.-F.Journal Article
28-Apr-2015Organo-palladium(II) complexes bearing unsymmetrical N,N,N-pincer ligands: synthesis, structures and oxidatively induced coupling reactionsWright, Luka A.; Hope, Eric G.; Solan, Gregory A.; Cross, Warren B.; Singh, KuldipJournal Article
7-Apr-2015O,N,N-pincer ligand effects on oxidatively induced carbon-chlorine coupling reactions at palladiumWright, Luka A.; Hope, Eric G.; Solan, Gregory A.; Cross, Warren B.; Singh, KuldipJournal Article
27-Oct-2015Electrochemistry and speciation of Au(+) in a deep eutectic solvent: growth and morphology of galvanic immersion coatingsBallantyne, Andrew D.; Forrest, Gregory C. H.; Frisch, Gero; Hartley, Jennifer M.; Ryder, Karl S.Journal Article
9-Oct-2015Intramolecular Fluorocyclizations of Unsaturated Carboxylic Acids with a Stable Hypervalent Fluoroiodane ReagentGeary, Gemma C.; Hope, Eric G.; Stuart, Alison M.Journal Article
18-Oct-2013Electrophilic fluorination using a hypervalent iodine reagent derived from fluorideGeary, Gemma; Hope, Eric G.; Singh, Kuldip; Stuart, Alison M.Journal Article
23-Feb-2013Surface-modified multifunctional MIP nanoparticlesMoczko, Ewa; Poma, Alessandro; Guerreiro, Antonio; de Vargas Sansalvador, Isabel Perez; Caygil, Sarah; Canfarotta, Francesco; Whitcombe, Michael J.; Piletsky, SergeyJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1064
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