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1-Dec-2016Analysis of Reaction Intermediates in Tryptophan 2,3-Dioxygenase: A Comparison with Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase.Basran, Jaswir; Booth, Elizabeth S.; Lee, Michael; Handa, Sandeep; Raven, Emma L.Journal Article
10-Jun-2017Recent advances in Ni-mediated ethylene chain growth: N<inf>imine</inf>-donor ligand effects on catalytic activity, thermal stability and oligo-/polymer structureWang, Zheng; Liu, Qingbin; Solan, Gregory A.; Sun, Wen-HuaJournal Article
16-Dec-2013Bi- and tri-dentate imino-based iron and cobalt pre-catalysts for ethylene oligo-/polymerizationMa, Jing; Feng, Chun; Wang, Shaoli; Zhao, Ke-Qing; Sun, Wen-Hua; Redshaw, Carl; Solan, Gregory A.Journal Article
14-Apr-2017A Protocol for the Computational Design of High Affinity Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Synthetic ReceptorsKarim, Kal; Cowen, Todd; Guerreiro, Antonio; Piletska, Elena; Whitcombe, Michael J.; Piletsky, Sergey A.Journal Article
27-Apr-2017New potentiometric sensor based on molecularly imprinted nanoparticles for cocaine detectionSmolinska-Kempisty, K.; Ahmad, O. S.; Guerreiro, A.; Karim, K.; Piletska, Elena; Piletsky, S.Journal Article
18-Apr-2017In-situ activation of self-supported 3D hierarchically porous Ni<inf>3</inf>S<inf>2</inf> films grown on nanoporous copper as excellent pH-universal electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reactionYang, C.; Gao, M. Y.; Zhang, Q. B.; Zeng, J. R.; Li, X. T.; Abbott, A. P.Journal Article
13-Mar-2017Balancing high thermal stability with high activity in diaryliminoacenaphthene-nickel(II) catalysts for ethylene polymerizationChen, Yanjun; Du, Shizhen; Huang, Chuanbing; Solan, Gregory A.; Hao, Xiang; Sun, Wen-HuaJournal Article
1-Dec-2016A short history of heme dioxygenases: rise, fall and rise againRaven, Emma L.Journal Article
16-Jan-2017Highly branched unsaturated polyethylenes achievable using strained imino-cyclopenta[b]pyridyl-nickel precatalystsZhang, Youfu; Huang, Chuanbing; Wang, Xinxin; Mahmood, Qaiser; Hao, Xiang; Hu, Xinquan; Guo, Cun-Yue; Solan, Gregory A.; Sun, Wen-HuaJournal Article
8-Aug-2015Bis(iminopyridyl)phthalazine as a sterically hindered compartmental ligand for an M-2 (M = Co, Ni, Fe, Zn) centre; Applications in ethylene oligomerisationSavjani, Nicky; Singh, Kuldip; Solan, Gregory A.Journal Article
23-Jan-2017Thermoplastic starch-polyethylene blends homogenised using deep eutectic solventsAbbott, Andrew P.; Abolibda, Tariq Z.; Qu, Wanwan; Wise, William R.; Wright, Luka A.Journal Article
27-Jul-2016Thermally stable and highly active cobalt precatalysts for vinyl-polyethylenes with narrow polydispersities: Integrating fused-ring and imino-carbon protection into ligand designHuang, Fang; Zhang, Wenjuan; Sun, Yang; Hu, Xinquan; Solan, Gregory A.; Sun, Wen-HuaJournal Article
31-Jan-2017Computational design of molecularly imprinted polymer for direct detection of melamine in milkBates, Ferdia; Busato, Mirko; Piletska, Elena; Whitcombe, Michael J.; Karim, Kal; Guerreiro, Antonio; de Valle, Manuel del; Giorgetti, Alejandro; Piletsky, SergeyJournal Article
8-Jan-2017Paint casting: A facile method of studying mineral electrochemistryAbbott, Andrew P.; Bevan, Francesca; Baeuerle, Monika; Harris, Robert C.; Jenkin, Gawen R. T.Journal Article
14-Dec-2016Correction: Molecular and ionic diffusion in aqueous - deep eutectic solvent mixtures: probing inter-molecular interactions using PFG NMR.D'Agostino, C.; Gladden, L. F.; Mantle, M. D.; Abbott, Andrew P.; Ahmed, Essa I.; Al-Murshedi, Azhar Y. M.; Harris, Robert C.Journal Article
1-Sep-2016Correction: Resonance Raman spectroscopy as an in situ probe for monitoring catalytic events in a Ru-porphyrin mediated amination reactionZardi, P.; Gallo, E.; Solan, Gregory A.; Hudson, Andrew J.Journal Article
11-Sep-2015Molecularly Imprinted High Affinity Nanoparticles for 4-Ethylphenol SensingGarcia-Mutioa, D.; Guerreiro, A.; Gomez-Caballero, A.; Gutierrez-Climente, R.; Piletsky, S.; Goicolea, M. A.; Barrio, R. J.Journal Article
12-Oct-2015Advanced source apportionment of size-resolved trace elements at multiple sites in London during winterVisser, S.; Slowik, J. G.; Furger, M.; Zotter, P.; Bukowiecki, N.; Canonaco, F.; Flechsig, U.; Appel, K.; Green, D. C.; Tremper, A. H.; Young, D. E.; Williams, P. I.; Allan, J. D.; Coe, H.; Williams, L. R.; Mohr, C.; Xu, L.; Ng, N. L.; Nemitz, E.; Barlow, J. F.; Halios, C. H.; Fleming, Z. L.; Baltensperger, U.; Prévôt, A. S. H.Journal Article
28-Dec-2012Crystal structure of reduced MsAcg, a putative nitroreductase from Mycobacterium smegmatis and a close homologue of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Acg.Chauviac, F. X.; Bommer, M.; Yan, J.; Parkin, G.; Daviter, T.; Lowden, P.; Raven, Emma L.; Thalassinos, K.; Keep, N. H.Journal Article
10-Nov-2016CF3(+) and CF2H(+): new reagents for n-alkane determination in chemical ionisation reaction mass spectrometry.Blake, Robert S.; Ouheda, Saleh A.; Evans, Corey J.; Monks, Paul S.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1136
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