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2018Human histone demethylase KDM6B can catalyse sequential oxidationsHopkinson, Richard J.; Langley, Gareth W.; Belle, Roman; Walport, Louise J.; Dunne, Kate; Münzel, MMartin; Salah, Eidarus; Kawamura, Akane; Claridge, Timothy D. W.; Schofield, Christopher J.Journal Article
2018Integrative analysis of fitness and metabolic effects of plasmids in Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1Hopkinson, RJ; San-Millan, Alvaro; Toll-Riera, Macarena; Qi, Qin; Betts, Alex; Hopkinson, Richard J.; McCullagh, James; MacLean, R. CraigJournal Article
10-May-2018Theoretical aspects of peptide imprinting: screening of MIP (virtual) binding sites for their interactions with amino acids, di- and tripeptidesSettipani, Julie J; Karim, Kal; Chauvin, Alienor; Ibnou-Ali, Si Mohamed; Paille-Barrere, Florian; Gorban, A; Mirkes, Evgeny; Gorban, Alexander; Larcombe, Lee; Whitcombe, Michael J.; Cowen, Todd; Piletsky, Sergey A.Journal Article
2-Oct-2017Modulators of 14-3-3 Protein-Protein Interactions.Stevers, Loes M.; Sijbesma, Eline; Botta, Maurizio; MacKintosh, Carol; Obsil, Tomas; Landrieu, Isabelle; Cau, Ylenia; Wilson, Andrew J. Wilson; Karawajczyk, Anna; Eickhoff, Jan; Davis, Jeremy; Hann, Michael; O'Mahony, GGavin; Doveston, Richard G.; Brunsveld, Luc; Ottmann, ChristianJournal Article
19-Mar-2018Investigations on Small Molecule Inhibitors Targeting the Histone H3K4 tri-methyllysine Binding PHD-finger of JmjC Histone DemethylasesBhushan, Bhaskar; Erdmann, Alexandre; Zhang, Yijia; Belle, Roman; Johannson, Catrine; Oppermann, Udo; Hopkinson, Richard J.; Schofield, Christopher J.; Kawamura, AkaneJournal Article
1-Dec-2017Real-time detection of airborne fluorescent bioparticles in AntarcticaCrawford, Ian; Gallagher, Martin W.; Bower, Keith N.; Choularton, Thomas W.; Flynn, Michael J.; Ruske, Simon; Listowski, Constantino; Brough, Neil; Lachlan-Cope, Thomas; Fleming, Zoe L.; Foot, Virginia E.; Stanley, Warren R.Journal Article
3-May-2018Highly Stable [C60AuC60]+/- DumbbellsGoulart, Marcelo; Kuhn, Martin; Martini, Paul; Chen, Lei; Hagelberg, Frank; Kaiser, Alexander; Scheier, Paul; Ellis, Andrew M.Journal Article
9-Mar-20182-Oxoglutarate regulates binding of hydroxylated hypoxia-inducible factor to prolyl hydroxylase domain 2Abboud, M. I.; McAllister, T. E.; Leung, I. K. H.; Chowdhury, R.; Jorgensen, C.; Domene, C.; Mecinović, J.; Lippl, K.; Hancock, R. L.; Hopkinson, Richard J.; Kawamura, A.; Claridge, T. D. W.; Schofield, C. J.Journal Article
23-Apr-2018Non-competitive cyclic peptides for targeting enzyme-substrate complexesHopkinson, Richard J.; McAllister, T. E.; Yeh, T-L.; Abboud, M. I.; Leung, I. K. H.; Hookway, E. S.; King, O. N. F.; Bhushan, B.; William, S. T.; Munzel, M.; Loik, N. D.; Chowdhury, R.; Oppermann, U.; Claridge, T. D. W.; Goto, Y.; Suga, H.; Schofield, C. J.; Kawamura, A.Journal Article
28-Apr-2016Formation of target-specific binding sites in enzymes: solid-phase molecular imprinting of HRPCzulak, J.; Guerreiro, A.; Metran, K.; Canfarotta, F.; Goddard, A.; Cowan, R. H.; Trochimczuk, A. W.; Piletsky, SergiyJournal Article
20-Mar-2018Carbocyclic-fused N,N,N-pincer ligands as ring-strain adjustable supports for iron and cobalt catalysts in ethylene oligo-/polymerizationWang, Zheng; Solan, Gregory A.; Zhang, Wenjuan; Sun, Wen-HuaJournal Article
26-Oct-2017Synthesis and Demonstration of the Biological Relevance of sp3 -rich Scaffolds Distantly Related to Natural Product Frameworks.Foley, D. J.; Craven, P. G. E.; Collins, P. M.; Doveston, Richard G.; Aimon, A.; Talon, R.; Churcher, I.; von Delft, F.; Marsden, S. P.; Nelson, A.Journal Article
27-Feb-2018Redox fusion of metal particles using deep eutectic solvents.Abbott, Andrew P.; Cihangir, Salih; Ryder, Karl S.Journal Article
19-Sep-2017Brønsted acidity in deep eutectic solvents and ionic liquids.Abbott, Andrew P.; Alabdullah, Sahar S. M.; Al-Murshedi, Azhar Y. M.; Ryder, Karl S.Journal Article
21-Mar-2018JMJD5 is a human arginyl C-3 hydroxylaseWilkins, Sarah E.; Islam, Md. Saiful; Gannon, Joan M.; Markolovic, Suzana; Hopkinson, Richard J.; Ge, Wei; Schofield, Christopher J.; Chowdhury, RasheduzzamanJournal Article
2018NMR Analyses on N-Hydroxymethylated Nucleobases – Implications for Formaldehyde Toxicity and Nucleic Acid DemethylasesHopkinson, Richard; shishodia, S; zhang, D; el-sagheer, A; brwon, T; claridge, T; schofield, CJournal Article
30-Nov-2017Write My Next Lecture: Prelecture Problem Classes and In-Lecture Discussion to Assist Case-Study Teaching of SynthesisBlackburn, Richard. A. RJournal Article
9-Mar-2018The inositol-requiring enzyme 1 (IRE1α) RNAse inhibitor, 4µ8C, is also a potent cellular antioxidant.Chan, S. M. H; Lowe, Mark. P; Bernard, A; Miller, A. A; Herbert, T. PJournal Article
14-Feb-2018Lysine-241 has a role in coupling 2OG turnover with substrate oxidation during KDM4-catalysed histone demethylationHopkinson, Richard; Hancock, R; Abboud, M; Smart, T; Flashman, E; Kawamura, A; Schofield, CJournal Article
5-Jul-2017Direct Hydrogenation of a Broad Range of Amides under Base‐free Conditions using an Efficient and Selective Ruthenium (II) Pincer CatalystWang, Z; Li, Y; Liu, Q-B; Solan, Gregory A.; Ma, Y; Sun, W-HJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1196
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