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29-Aug-2017Orchestrated Domain Movement in Catalysis by Cytochrome P450 ReductaseFreeman, Samuel L.; Martel, Anne; Raven, Emma L.; Roberts, Gordon C. K.Journal Article
11-Nov-2016In Silico Synthesis of Synthetic Receptors: A Polymerization Algorithm.Cowen, Todd; Busato, Mirko; Karim, Kal; Piletsky, Sergey A.Journal Article
21-Jun-2016Ultrasensitive detection of endotoxins using computationally designed nanoMIPsAltintas, Zeynep; Abdin, Mohammed J.; Tothill, Alexander M.; Karim, Kal; Tothill, Ibtisam E.Journal Article
11-Aug-2017Molecular weight control of polyethylene waxes using a constrained imino-cyclopenta[b]pyridyl-nickel catalystWang, Zheng; Zhang, Youfu; Ma, Yanping; Hu, Xinquan; Solan, Gregory A.; Sun, Yang; Sun, Wen-HuaJournal Article
14-Jul-2017Development of competitive 'pseudo'-ELISA assay for measurement of cocaine and its metabolites using molecularly imprinted polymer nanoparticlesGarcia, Yadiris; Smolinska-Kempisty, Katarzhina; Pereira, Eduardo; Piletska, Elena; Piletsky, SergeyJournal Article
29-Jun-2017Complexes of molybdenum(VI) oxide tetrafluoride and molybdenum(VI) dioxide difluoride with neutral N- and O-donor ligandsLevason, William; Monzittu, Francesco M.; Reid, Gillian; Zhang, Wenjian; Hope, Eric G.Journal Article
30-Aug-2016Regulation of intracellular heme trafficking revealed by subcellular reportersYuan, Xiaojing; Rietzschel, Nicole; Kwon, Hanna; Nuno, Ana Beatriz Walter; Hanna, David A.; Phillips, John D.; Raven, Emma L.; Reddi, Amit R.; Hamza, IqbalConference Paper
22-May-2017Computational Studies of Carboxylate-Assisted C-H Activation and Functionalization at Group 8-10 Transition Metal CentersDavies, David L.; Macgregor, Stuart A.; McMullin, Claire L.Journal Article
6-May-2017Thermodynamics of phase transfer for polar molecules from alkanes to deep eutectic solventsAbbott, Andrew P; Al-Murshedi, Azhar Y. M.; Alshammari, Odeh A. O.; Harris, Robert C.; Kareem, Jalil H.; Qader, Idrees B.; Ryder, KarlJournal Article
31-Mar-2017Dissolution of pyrite and other Fe-S-As minerals using deep eutectic solventsAbbott, Andrew P.; Al-Bassam, Ahmed Z. M.; Goddard, Alex; Harris, Robert C.; Jenkin, Gawen R. T.; Nisbet, Frazer J.; Wieland, MatthiasJournal Article
8-May-2017Liquid pharmaceuticals formulation by eutectic formationAbbott, Andrew P.; Ahmed, Essa I.; Prasad, Kamalesh; Qader, Idrees B.; Ryder, Karl S.Journal Article
4-May-2017From polyethylene waxes to HDPE using an α,α'-bis(arylimino)-2,3:5,6-bis(pentamethylene)pyridyl-chromium(iii) chloride pre-catalyst in ethylene polymerisationHuang, Chuanbing; Du, Shizhen; Solan, Gregory A.; Sun, Yang; Sun, Wen-HuaJournal Article
16-May-2017Electropolishing and electrolytic etching of Ni-based HIP consolidated aerospace forms: a comparison between deep eutectic solvents and aqueous electrolytesGoddard, A. J.; Harris, R. C.; Saleem, S.; Azam, M.; Hood, C.; Clark, D.; Satchwell, J.; Ryder, K. S.Journal Article
2-Feb-2017Cooperative interplay between a flexible PNN-Ru(II) complex and a NaBH4 additive in the efficient catalytic hydrogenation of estersWang, Zheng; Chen, Xiangyang; Liu, Bo; Liu, Qing-Bin; Solan, Gregory A.; Yang, Xinzheng; Sun, Wen-HuaJournal Article
31-Mar-2017Efficient acceptorless dehydrogenation of secondary alcohols to ketones mediated by a PNN-Ru(II) catalystWang, Zheng; Pan, Bing; Liu, Qingbin; Yue, Erlin; Solan, Gregory A.; Ma, Yanping; Sun, Wen-HuaJournal Article
13-Apr-2017Elastomeric polyethylenes accessible via ethylene homo-polymerization using an unsymmetrical α-diimino-nickel catalystWang, Xinxin; Fan, Linlin; Ma, Yanping; Guo, Cun-Yue; Solan, Gregory A.; Sun, Yang; Sun, Wen-HuaJournal Article
7-Dec-2016Development of molecularly imprinted polymers specific for blood antigens for application in antibody-free blood typing.Piletsky, S. S.; Rabinowicz, S.; Yang, Z.; Zagar, C.; Piletska, Elena V.; Guerreiro, Antonio; Piletsky, Sergiy AnatoliyevychJournal Article
6-Jul-2017Estimating daily surface NO2 concentrations from satellite data - a case study over Hong Kong using land use regression modelsAnand, Jasdeep S; Monks, Paul S.Journal Article
17-Jul-2014Metabolite profiling of Clostridium difficile ribotypes using small molecular weight volatile organic compoundsKuppusami, S.; Clokie, M. R. J.; Panayi, T.; Ellis, A. M.; Monks, P. S.Journal Article
1-Dec-2016Analysis of Reaction Intermediates in Tryptophan 2,3-Dioxygenase: A Comparison with Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase.Basran, Jaswir; Booth, Elizabeth S.; Lee, Michael; Handa, Sandeep; Raven, Emma L.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1154
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