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Title: Expression of the pS2 peptide in primary breast carcinomas: comparison of membrane and cytoplasmic staining patterns.
Authors: Dookeran, KA
Rye, PD
Dearing, SJ
Walker, RA
First Published: Oct-1993
Citation: J PATHOL, 1993, 171 (2), pp. 123-129
Abstract: The pS2 protein is oestrogen-regulated in breast cancer cell lines. Previous studies have shown a relationship to oestrogen receptor in primary breast carcinomas. This study examined 178 breast carcinomas for pS2 using immunohistochemistry. A high frequency (77 per cent) of positive tumours was found, using a 10 per cent cut-off point to define a positive tumour. There was no relationship with menopausal status or node status, a significant association with differentiation, a weak association with oestrogen receptor, and no association with progesterone receptor or overall survival. Two patterns of cellular localization were observed: cytoplasmic and membrane. The former showed a stronger relationship with oestrogen receptor status, although there were oestrogen receptor-negative tumours with marked pS2 staining. Membrane staining showed a stronger relationship with differentiation, with a staining pattern similar to that observed for milk fat globule membrane. The staining patterns observed may support a role for pS2 in a secretory mechanism. However, the expression and function of pS2 in breast carcinomas remain complex, and are not simply related to oestrogen regulation.
DOI Link: 10.1002/path.1711710209
ISSN: 0022-3417
Type: Journal Article
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