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Title: Atmospheric composition change - global and regional air quality
Authors: Monks, PS
Blake, RS
Granier, C
Mieville, A
Granier, C
Cooper, OR
Frost, GJ
Parrish, DD
Granier, C
Cooper, OR
Frost, GJ
Fuzzi, S
Stohl, A
Williams, ML
Akimoto, H
Amann, M
Klimont, Z
Baklanov, A
Baltensperger, U
Prévôt, ASH
Bey, I
Blake, N
Carslaw, K
Dentener, F
Hjorth, J
Fowler, D
Fragkou, E
Moussiopoulos, N
Vlachokostas, C
Generoso, S
Ginoux, P
Grewe, V
Huntrieser, H
Petzold, A
Guenther, A
Orlando, JJ
Hansson, HC
Henne, S
Reimann, S
Hofzumahaus, A
Isaksen, ISA
Isaksen, ISA
Jenkin, ME
Kaiser, J
Reeves, CE
von Glasow R
Kanakidou, M
Kulmala, M
Laj, P
Sellegri, K
Laj, P
Lawrence, MG
Pöschl, U
Lee, JD
Liousse, C
Maione, M
McFiggans, G
Metzger, A
O'Dowd, CD
Palmer, PI
Platt, U
Rudich, Y
Steinbrecher, R
Simpson, D
Simpson, D
ten Brink H
Theloke, J
van der Werf GR
Vautard, R
Vestreng, V
First Published: Oct-2009
Citation: ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT, 2009, 43 (33), pp. 5268-5350
DOI Link: 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2009.08.021
ISSN: 1352-2310
Type: Journal Article
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