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Title: Computational study on the structures of the [H, Si, N, C, O] isomers: possible species of interstellar interest.
Authors: Dover, MR
Evans, CJ
First Published: 20-Dec-2007
Citation: J PHYS CHEM A, 2007, 111 (50), pp. 13148-13156
Abstract: Ab initio methods have been used to study the lowest lying [H, Si, N, C, O] isomers, which are of astrochemical interest. Over 20 [H, Si, N, C, O] isomers in the 1A' electronic state have been investigated at the MP2/aug-cc-pVTZ level of theory. Of these, the seven lowest isomers have been further investigated using different levels of theory, including B3LYP and QCISD(T). It has been found that the relative energies of the isomers in their ground electronic state (1A') are very dependent on the level of theory used with either the cis-HOSiCN or cis-HOSiNC isomers being the lowest in energy. Overall, the four lowest isomers are within 6 kcal/mol of each other, and a further three isomers are less than 15 kcal/mol higher in energy than the lowest lying isomer, including HSiNCO, which has recently been detected spectroscopically. Natural bond analysis has been carried out on the ground electronic states of the seven lowest lying isomers to examine their electronic structure. The enthalpies of formation of the seven lowest isomers have also been evaluated using the G3MP2 and G3B3 multilevel methods and show that the isomers are relatively thermodynamically stable. The structures and energies of lowest lying 1A'' and 3A'' electronic states of these isomers have also been investigated and show that for most of the isomers the optimized structures in these excited electronic states correspond to a transition state structure.
DOI Link: 10.1021/jp076289p
ISSN: 1089-5639
Type: Journal Article
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