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Title: Synthesis and characterisation of some iridium-carbonyl-fluoride complexes. Crystal structures of [IrF(CO){P(C6H4-2-CH3)3}2] and [IrF2(COD)py2][BF4].
Authors: Fawcett, J
Harding, DA
Hope, EG
First Published: 7-Jul-2010
Citation: DALTON TRANS, 2010, 39 (25), pp. 5827-5832
Abstract: Two routes to iridium(III) fluorocomplexes are described. The direct reaction of tetrairidium dodecacarbonyl with elemental fluorine in aHF offers a clean, convenient, large scale route to [IrF(3)(CO)(3)]; addition of phosphines to [IrF(3)(CO)(3)] in THF affords mer-[IrF(3)(CO)L(2)] or [IrF(CO)L(2)]. Alternatively, cationic [IrF(2)(COD)L(2)](+) and [IrF(2)(CO)(2)L(2)](+) (L = phosphine, pyridine; L(2) = alpha-diimine) are accessible via the oxidation of the iridium(I) precursors with xenon difluoride.
DOI Link: 10.1039/c0dt00066c
eISSN: 1477-9234
Type: Journal Article
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