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Title: Tuning emission wavelength and redox properties through position of the substituent in iridium(III) cyclometallated complexes.
Authors: Davies, DL
Lowe, MP
Ryder, KS
Singh, K
Singh, S
First Published: 7-Feb-2011
Citation: DALTON TRANS, 2011, 40 (5), pp. 1028-1030
Abstract: Cyclometallated phenyls with substituents para to the metal have a larger impact on the redox potentials and emission of complexes [Ir(R-ppz)(2)(bipy)][PF(6)] than substituents at the meta position and hence enable tuning of emission wavelength over a wider range using the same substituent.
DOI Link: 10.1039/c0dt01311k
eISSN: 1477-9234
Type: Journal Article
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