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Title: Repetitive DNA, molecular cytogenetics and genome organization in the King scallop (Pecten maximus).
Authors: Biscotti, MA
Canapa, A
Olmo, E
Barucca, M
Teo, CH
Schwarzacher, T
Dennerlein, S
Richter, R
Heslop-Harrison, JS
First Published: 30-Dec-2007
Citation: GENE, 2007, 406 (1-2), pp. 91-98
Abstract: We studied the structure, organization and relationship of repetitive DNA sequences in the genome of the scallop, Pecten maximus, a bivalve that is important both commercially and in marine ecology. Recombinant DNA libraries were constructed after partial digestion of genomic DNA from scallop with PstI and ApaI restriction enzymes. Clones containing repetitive DNA were selected by hybridisation to labelled DNA from scallop, oyster and mussel; colonies showing strong hybridisation only to scallop were selected for analysis and sequencing. Six non-homologous tandemly repeated sequences were identified in the sequences, and Southern hybridisation with all repeat families to genomic DNA digests showed characteristic ladders of hybridised bands. Three families had monomer lengths around 40 bp while three had repeats characteristic of the length wrapping around one (170 bp), or two (326 bp) nucleosomes. In situ hybridisation to interphase nuclei showed each family had characteristic numbers of clusters indicating contrasting arrangements. Two of the repeats had unusual repetitions of bases within their sequence, which may relate to the nature of microsatellites reported in bivalves. The study of these rapidly evolving sequences is valuable to understand an important source of genomic diversity, has the potential to provide useful markers for population studies and gives a route to identify mechanisms of DNA sequence evolution.
DOI Link: 10.1016/j.gene.2007.06.027
ISSN: 0378-1119
Type: Journal Article
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