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Title: Arabidopsis kinesins HINKEL and TETRASPORE act redundantly to control cell plate expansion during cytokinesis in the male gametophyte.
Authors: Oh, SA
Bourdon, V
Das 'Pal M
Dickinson, H
Twell, D
First Published: Sep-2008
Citation: MOL PLANT, 2008, 1 (5), pp. 794-799
Abstract: Asymmetric cell division at pollen mitosis I (PMI) is required to specify the differential fate of the daughter vegetative and generative cells. Cytokinesis at PMI displays specialized features, and it has been suggested that there might be distinct molecular pathways underpinning different modes of cytokinesis in plants. Activation of the NACK-PQR MAP kinase signaling pathway, which is essential for somatic cell cytokinesis in tobacco, depends upon the NACK1 and NACK2 kinesin-related proteins. Their Arabidopsis orthologs, HINKEL (HIK) and TETRASPORE (TES), were reported to be essential for cytokinesis in somatic cells and in microsporocytes, respectively. More recently, HIK and TES were shown to have a functionally redundant role in female gametophytic cytokinesis. We report here that HIK and TES are co-expressed in microspores and developing pollen, and, through analysis of microspore and pollen development in double heterozygote mutants, the occurrence of cell plate expansion defects during cytokinesis at PMI. The data demonstrate a functionally redundant role for HIK and TES in cell plate expansion during male gametophytic cytokinesis, extending the concept that different modes of cytokinesis are executed by a common signaling pathway, but reinforcing the individuality of gametophytic cytokinesis in its requirement for either TES or HIK.
DOI Link: 10.1093/mp/ssn042
ISSN: 1674-2052
Type: Journal Article
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