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Title: Genetic control of male germ unit organization in Arabidopsis.
Authors: Lalanne, E
Twell, D
First Published: Jun-2002
Citation: PLANT PHYSIOL, 2002, 129 (2), pp. 865-875
Abstract: In flowering plants, the vegetative nucleus and the two sperm cells are proposed to form a functional assemblage, the male germ unit (MGU). Here, we describe the developmental pathway of MGU assembly in Arabidopsis and report two classes of mutations that affect the integrity and/or the positioning of the MGU in the mature pollen grain. In germ unit malformed (gum) mutants, the vegetative nucleus is positioned adjacent to the pollen grain wall, separate from the two sperm cells, whereas in MGU displaced (mud) mutants, the intact MGU is displaced to the pollen grain wall. mud and gum mutants correspond to male-specific gametophytic mutations that also reduce pollen fitness. Genetic mapping showed that the gum1 and gum2 mutations are genetically linked, possibly allelic, whereas the mud1 and mud2 mutations correspond to two unlinked loci mapping on different chromosomes. The hierarchical relationship between mud and gum mutations was investigated by phenotypic analysis of double mutants. gum1 appeared to act earlier than mud1 and mud2, affecting initial MGU assembly and its stability during pollen maturation. In contrast, mud1 and mud2 mutations appear to act only on MGU positioning during final maturation. From in planta analyses of pollen germination in mud and gum mutants, we conclude that the initial proximity and positioning of MGU components is not required for their entrance into the pollen tube, but the efficiency of MGU translocation is reduced.
DOI Link: 10.1104/pp.003301
ISSN: 0032-0889
Type: Journal Article
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