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Title: Comparative analysis of the Arabidopsis pollen transcriptome.
Authors: Honys, D
Twell, D
First Published: Jun-2003
Citation: PLANT PHYSIOL, 2003, 132 (2), pp. 640-652
Abstract: We present a genome-wide view of the male gametophytic transcriptome in Arabidopsis based on microarray analysis. In comparison with the transcriptome of the sporophyte throughout development, the pollen transcriptome showed reduced complexity and a unique composition. We identified 992 pollen-expressed mRNAs, nearly 40% of which were detected specifically in pollen. Analysis of the functional composition of the pollen transcriptome revealed the over-representation of mRNAs encoding proteins involved in cell wall metabolism, cytoskeleton, and signaling and under-representation of mRNAs involved in transcription and protein synthesis. For several gene families, we observed a common pattern of mutually exclusive gene expression between pollen and sporophytic tissues for different gene family members. Our results provide a 50-fold increase in the knowledge of genes expressed in Arabidopsis pollen. Moreover, we also detail the extensive overlap (61%) of the pollen transcriptome with that of the sporophyte, which provides ample potential to influence sporophytic fitness through gametophytic selection.
DOI Link: 10.1104/pp.103.020925
ISSN: 0032-0889
Type: Journal Article
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