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Title: Analysis of the mammalian talin2 gene TLN2.
Authors: Monkley, SJ
Pritchard, CA
Critchley, DR
First Published: 7-Sep-2001
Citation: BIOCHEM BIOPHYS RES COMMUN, 2001, 286 (5), pp. 880-885
Abstract: We have utilised genomic and EST databases to assemble the sequence of the human talin2 (TLN2) gene. Talin2 protein is similar in size and sequence to talin1 throughout its length (74% identity, 86% similarity). The major differences are in (i) the size of the genes, the TLN2 gene is >200 kb compared with approximately 30 kb for TLN1 due to a difference in intron size, although intron/exon boundaries, with the exception of two, are strictly conserved; (ii) the expression patterns, TLN1 gives rise to an approximately 8-kb mRNA which is observed in all tissues, whereas TLN2 gives rise to multiple transcripts with the highest levels in heart.
DOI Link: 10.1006/bbrc.2001.5497
ISSN: 0006-291X
Type: Journal Article
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