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Title: Talin 2 is a large and complex gene encoding multiple transcripts and protein isoforms.
Authors: Debrand, E
El Jai Y
Spence, L
Bate, N
Praekelt, U
Pritchard, CA
Monkley, SJ
Critchley, DR
First Published: Mar-2009
Citation: FEBS J, 2009, 276 (6), pp. 1610-1628
Abstract: Talins are large adaptor proteins that link the integrin family of adhesion molecules to F-actin. In vertebrates, there are two talin genes. Talin 1 is essential for integrin-mediated cell adhesion; the role of talin 2 is unclear. Here we report a detailed analysis of mammalian talin 2. This reveals the existence of a previously unrecognized promoter associated with a CpG island, and separated from the first coding exon by numerous alternatively spliced noncoding exons spanning > 200 kb. Analysis of a mouse gene trap line shows that this promoter accounts for most of the talin 2 expression in adult tissues. We also demonstrate that testis and kidney express truncated talin 2 isoforms that lack the N-terminal half of the protein, and provide evidence for the developmentally regulated expression of the short testis-specific talin 2 isoform in elongating spermatids. Finally, we identify four tissue-specific alternative splicing events within the coding region of talin 2.
DOI Link: 10.1111/j.1742-4658.2009.06893.x
eISSN: 1742-4658
Type: Journal Article
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