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Title: The effects of pre-exposure on escape from a Morris pool.
Authors: Redhead, ES
Prados, J
Pearce, JM
First Published: Nov-2001
Citation: Q J EXP PSYCHOL B, 2001, 54 (4), pp. 353-367
Abstract: In two experiments rats were pre-exposed to the landmarks surrounding a Morris pool while they swam to a platform with a beacon attached to it. They were then required to escape from the pool by finding the platform, without the beacon, in a new position. When the platform remained in the same place for each pre-exposure session, but was moved from session to session, then subsequent escape from the pool was more rapid than when the landmarks were not visible during pre-exposure (Experiment 1). But when the platform was moved from trial to trial during pre-exposure, then subsequent escape from the pool was disrupted (Experiments 1 and 2). It is proposed that pre-exposure to the landmark alters the attention that is paid to them, which then influences how readily the landmarks can be used to identify the new position of the platform.
DOI Link: 10.1080/713932764
ISSN: 0272-4995
Type: Journal Article
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