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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
7-Jun-2012A Comparison of Logistic Regression and Classification Tree Analysis for Behavioural Case LinkageTonkin, Matthew; Woodhams, J.; Bull, Ray; Bond, John W.; Santtila, P.Journal Article
14-Jun-2012Linking solved and unsolved crimes using offender behaviourTonkin, Matthew; Woodhams, J.; Bull, Ray; Bond, John W.Journal Article
Sep-2012Lost in translation? Psychometric properties and construct validity of the English Essen Climate Evaluation Schema (EssenCES) social climate questionnaire.Tonkin, Matthew; Howells, Kevin; Ferguson, Eamonn; Clark, Amanda; Newberry, Michelle; Schalast, NorbertJournal Article
14-May-2015Treatment engagement from the perspective of the offender: Reasons for non-completion and completion of treatment: A systematic reviewSturgess, D.; Woodhams, J.; Tonkin, MatthewJournal Article
16-Jul-2016A review of questionnaire measures for assessing the social climate in prisons and forensic psychiatric hospital settingsTonkin, MatthewJournal Article
27-Jun-2015The feasibility of using crime scene behaviour to detect versatile serial offenders: An empirical test of behavioural consistency, distinctiveness and discrimination accuracyTonkin, Matthew; Woodhams, J.Journal Article
12-Aug-2016Perceptions of social climate and aggressive behaviour in forensic services: A systematic reviewRobinson, J.; Craig, L.; Tonkin, MatthewJournal Article
19-Dec-2015Ward climate within a high secure forensic psychiatric hospital: Perceptions of patients and nursing staff and the role of patient characteristicsde Vries, Meike Godelieve; Brazil, Inti Angelo; Tonkin, Matthew; Bulten, Berend HendrikJournal Article
7-Jun-2018Work-life and wellbeing in UK therapeutic prison officers: A thematic analysisWalker, Emma J.; Egan, Helen H.; Jackson, Craig A.; Tonkin, MatthewJournal Article
25-Mar-2019Linking Property Crime Using Offender Crime Scene Behaviour: A Comparison of MethodsTonkin, Matthew; Lemeire, Jan; Santtila, Pekka; Winter, Jan M.Journal Article