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Feb-2012Bars, drugs and football thugs: Alcohol, cocaine use and violence in the night time economy among English football firmsAyres, TC; Treadwell, JJournal Article
Apr-2012From the car boot to booting it up? eBay, online counterfeit crime and the transformation of the criminal marketplaceTreadwell, JJournal Article
7-Nov-2012Introduction. Between absence and presence : geographies of hiding, invisibility and silenceDafydd Jones, Rhys; Robinson, James; Turner, Jennifer ElizabethJournal Article
7-Nov-2012Criminals with ‘community spirit’ : practising citizenship in the hidden world of the prisonTurner, Jennifer ElizabethJournal Article
13-Jun-2012The transfer of English legislation to the Scottish context: Lessons from the implementation of the Football Banning Order in ScotlandHamilton-Smith, Niall; Hopkins, MattJournal Article
Jan-2012Divided By a Common Concept? Assessing the Implications of Different Conceptualisations of Hate Crime in the European UnionGarland, Jon; Chakraborti, NeilJournal Article
3-Oct-2012Homicide and Organized Crime in EnglandHopkins, Matt; Tilley, Nick; Gibson, KateJournal Article
2012Gender-based violence, stalking and fear of crime: European Union project 2009-2011Felts, T.; Schneider, R.; Höfker, S.; Balloni, A.; Bisi, R.; Sette, R.; Czapska, J.; Klosa, M.; Lesińska, E.; Bodelon, E.; Igareda, N.; Casas, G.; Stenning, P.; Mitra-Kahn, T.; Gunby, ClareReport
20-Mar-2012Gender differences in alcohol-related non-consensual sex; cross-sectional analysis of a student populationGunby, Clare; Carline, Anna; Bellis, Mark A.; Beynon, CarylJournal Article
29-Nov-2012Testing the Cambridge quality checklists on a review of disrupted families and crimeJolliffe, Darrick; Murray, J.; Farrington, D.; Vannick, C.Journal Article