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10-Aug-2017Hate CrimesHardy, Stevie-Jade; Chakraborti, NeilChapter
25-Oct-2017Did they report it to stop it? A realist evaluation of the effect of an advertising campaign on victims’ willingness to report unwanted sexual behaviourSolymosi, Reka; Cella, Kerry; Newton, AndrewJournal Article
14-Oct-2018Risking safety and rights: online sex work, crimes and ‘blended safety repertories’Campbell, Rosie; Sanders, Teela; Scoular, Jane; Pitcher, Jane; Cunningham, StewartJournal Article
31-Oct-2018'Vox Populi, Vox Dei’? A Comparative Investigation Into The (Un)Fairness Of The Jury Trial In The British And Italian Legal Systems.d’Aniello, CristinaThesis
20-Nov-2017Understanding and preventing hit-and-run driving: a crime script analysisHopkins, Matt; Chivers, SallyJournal Article
15-Oct-2017Responding to hate crime: Escalating problems, continued failingsChakraborti, NeilJournal Article
23-Jun-2015Doing Time-Travel: Performing Past and Present at the Prison MuseumTurner, Jennifer; Peters, KimberleyChapter
15-Dec-2018Linking serial sexual offences: Moving towards an ecologically valid test of the principles of crime linkageWoodhams, J; Tonkin, MJ; Burrell, A; Imre, H; Winter, J; Lam, E; ten Brinke, GJ; Webb, M; Labuschagne, G; Bennell, C; Ashmore-Hills, L; van der Kemp, J; Lipponen, S; Pakkanen, T; Rainbow, L; Salfati, G; Santtila, PJournal Article
7-Dec-2018A Qualitative Exploration of Police Officers’ Experiences, Challenges, and Perceptions of CybercrimeLumsden, K; Black, A; Hadlington, L; Ferra, FJournal Article
9-Dec-2018Rank Matters: Police Leadership and the Authority of RankDavis, CJournal Article