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5-Nov-2012Targeting Prolific and Other Priority Offenders and Promoting Pathways to Desistance: Some Reflections on the PPO Programme using a Theory of Change FrameworkHopkins, Matt; Wickson, JuliaJournal Article
Nov-2008Organised Crime and Local BusinessTilley, Nick; Hopkins, MattJournal Article
2012Ten Seasons of the Football Banning Order: Police Officer Narratives on the Operation of Banning Orders and the Impact on the Behaviour of ‘Risk Supporters’Hopkins, MattJournal Article
13-Jun-2012The transfer of English legislation to the Scottish context: Lessons from the implementation of the Football Banning Order in ScotlandHamilton-Smith, Niall; Hopkins, MattJournal Article
3-Oct-2012Homicide and Organized Crime in EnglandHopkins, Matt; Tilley, Nick; Gibson, KateJournal Article
2009Why Are Arson Detection Rates so Low? A Study of the Factors that Promote and Inhibit the Detection of ArsonHopkins, MattJournal Article
22-Jul-2013The Choice Structuring Properties of Security Consumption: an exploratory study of Security Consumption Culture within Small ShopsHopkins, Matt; Fox, GinaJournal Article
23-Feb-2016The crime drop and the changing face of commercial victimisation: Reflections on the ‘commercial crime drop’ in the United Kingdom and the implications for future researchHopkins, MattJournal Article
18-Jul-2017Can models of organisational change help to understand ‘success’ and ‘failure’ in community sentences? Applying Kotter’s model of organisational change to an Integrated Offender Management case studyKing, Sam; Hopkins, Matt; Cornish, NeilJournal Article
10-Feb-2016Business, victimisation and victimology: Reflections on contemporary patterns of commercial victimisation and the concept of businesses as ‘ideal victims’Hopkins, MattJournal Article