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2009Emotional work: ethnographic fieldwork in prisons in EcuadorFleetwood, Jennifer SwansonJournal Article
2008An evaluation of offending behaviour programmes within the Prison and Probation Services of Northern IrelandGunby, Clare; Hatcher, R.; Bilby, C.; Hollin, C.; Palmer, E.; McGuire, J.Report
Aug-2008Implementing services for women offenders and those ‘at risk’ of offending: action research with Together WomenHedderman, Carol; Palmer, Emma; Hollin, Clive; Gunby, Gunby; Shelton, Nikki; Askari, MelodyReport
2007'Warm Beer and Invincible Green Suburbs'? Examining the Realities of Rurality for Minority Ethnic HouseholdsChakraborti, NeilThesis
2002Factor structure of the Expagg and Revised Expagg: failure to replicate using confirmatory factor analysisForrest, S.; Shevlin, M.; Eatough, V.; Gregson, M.; Davies, M.N.O.Article
2007Globalizing security, Securing Globalization? Privatization, Commodification and the 'New' Terrorist ThreatSpence, K.Book chapter
29-Jun-2006Psychological Interventions for Treatment of Adult Sex OffendersBrooks-Gordon, Belinda; Bilby, CharlotteArticle
2003Comparing delinquency careers in court records and self-reportsFarrington, David P.; Jolliffe, Darrick; Hawkins, J. David; Catalano, Richard F.; Hill, Karl G.; Kosterman, RickArticle
2004Police Culture in Malta.Cauchi, Jacqueline AzzopardiThesis
2002Policing reconceptualised : the impact of globalisation and postmodernisation on the public police of England and Wales and the United States of AmericaJudge, Anthony JohnThesis