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Since its inception in 1988, the Department of Criminology (formerly known as the Centre for the Study of Public Order and the Scarman Centre) has prioritised undertaking high quality research and disseminating the findings from this work to as broad an audience as possible. The Department has received over £6 million in research funding from a wide range of bodies including the Home Office, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Department for International Development, and the Economic and Research Council (ESRC). It prides itself on actively seeking to work with practitioners and policy makers throughout the criminal justice system and the private sector in the UK and elsewhere.

The current work of the Department is organised around three overlapping areas of interest:

  • Globalisation, Security and Policing
  • Social Exclusion and Community Partnerships
  • Corrections, Interventions and Evaluations

The principal research aims during the next five years are to continue to develop a programme of high-quality research and published output, and to strengthen the Department’s status as an international centre of excellence. We intend to continue to collaborate on research with a variety of user-communities, in order to promote rich research data and new insights, and also to influence what happens in practice. Click on the links below to find out more about the work currently underway in the Department.

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