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The School of Social Work, set up in 1966, is part of the Department of Medical and Social Care Education within Leicester Medical School.


Currently, the research interests of the staff include the following:

  • The effects of poverty on health and health care
  • Child care policy and practice
  • Evidenced-based social work
  • Mental health
  • Psycho-social development of separated children: children separated through adoption, parental divorce/separation, and donor-insemination
  • Professional practice and "racial"/ethnic justice
  • The effects of social inequalities on service-provisions
  • Networking, collaboration and partnership
  • Social work theory
  • Social work education
  • The management of health and social care education
  • Child welfare: children's services and family support systems
  • Community care
  • Social policy and welfare administration and
  • The implications of neuro-clinical therapy for social services and community provisions

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