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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
1-Oct-2013Does a Portfolio of students' reflections demonstrate learning towards obtaining an Interprofessional Education (IPE) competence at pre-registration level?Domac, SezerThesis
14-Oct-2011Framework for the impact analysis and implementation of Clinical Prediction Rules (CPRs)Wallace, E.; Smith, S.M.; Perera-Salazar, R.; Vaucher, P.; McCowan, C.; Collins, G.; Verbakel, J.; Lakhanpaul, Monica; Fahey, T.Journal Article
May-2011Effects of Hydrogen Sulphide on the Isolated Perfused Rat HeartHussain, Afthab; Maddock, Helen; Al-Rajaibi, Hajar; Carson, Ray J.Article
1-May-2011The Development of Circadian Rhythms in Human InfantsJoseph, Desaline VeronicaThesis
24-Mar-2010Incidence and risk of cochleotoxicity and vestibulotoxicity in patients with haematological malignanciesPottier, Fran├žoiseThesis
Mar-2011Cardio-vascular safety of acetyl cholinesterase inhibitors in patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease; factors that predict poor tolerability.Kinnair, D; Machili, C; Prettyman, R; Van Diepen EJournal Article
May-2010Learning from lives together: medical and social work students' experiences of learning from people with disabilities in the community.Anderson, ES; Smith, R; Thorpe, LNJournal Article
Dec-2011Do implantable cardioverter defibrillators complicate end-of-life care for those with heart failure?Waterhouse, E; Ahmad, FJournal Article
27-Jan-2010Tools to assess clinical skills of medical traineesMcKinley, RK; Hastings, AMJournal Article
Jan-2011Interprofessional staff development: changing attitudes and winning hearts and minds.Anderson, ES; Thorpe, LN; Hammick, MJournal Article