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Sep-2005Participation of disadvantaged parents in child care research.Joseph, D; Wailoo, MP; Jackson, A; Petersen, SA; Anderson, ESJournal Article
Sep-2002Child care decisions: Parental choice or chance?Anderson, ES; Jackson, A; Wailoo, MP; Petersen, SA; Anderson, ESJournal Article
Jun-2008Early interprofessional interactions: does student age matter?Anderson, ES; Thorpe, LNJournal Article
Jun-2004New opportunities for nurses in medical education: facilitating valuable community learning experiences.Anderson, ES; Lennox, A; Petersen, SAJournal Article
Jan-2009Preparation of educators involved in interprofessional education.Anderson, ES; Cox, D; Thorpe, LNJournal Article
Nov-2009The Leicester Model of Interprofessional education: developing, delivering and learning from student voices for 10 years.Anderson, ES; Lennox, AJournal Article
May-2010Learning from lives together: medical and social work students' experiences of learning from people with disabilities in the community.Anderson, ES; Smith, R; Thorpe, LNJournal Article
1-May-1999Effects of social deprivation upon the physiological development of infants.Petersen, SA; Joseph, D; Anderson, ES; Jackson, A; Westaway, J; Wailoo, MPJournal Article
May-2003Successful parent researchers in child care projectAnderson, ES; Jackson, A; Wailoo, MP; Petersen, SAJournal Article
Jan-2011Interprofessional staff development: changing attitudes and winning hearts and minds.Anderson, ES; Thorpe, LN; Hammick, MJournal Article