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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
6-Dec-2002Convergence of selected inputs from sensory afferents to trigeminal premotor neurons with possible projections to masseter motoneurons in the rabbitInoue, M; Yamada, Y; Nozawa-Inoue, K; Inoue, M; Nozawa-Inoue, K; Donga, RJournal Article
3-May-2004Rostrocaudal distribution of motoneurones and variation in ventral horn area within a segment of the feline thoracic spinal cord.Meehan, CF; Ford, TW; Road, JD; Donga, R; Saywell, SA; Anissimova, NP; Kirkwood, PAJournal Article
Jun-2008A rapid method combining Golgi and Nissl staining to study neuronal morphology and cytoarchitecture.Pilati, N; Barker, M; Panteleimonitis, S; Donga, R; Hamann, MJournal Article
1-Jan-1999Assessing the strengths of motoneuron inputs: different anatomical and physiological approaches comparedKirkwood, PA; Ford, TW; Donga, R; Saywell, SA; Holstege, GJournal Article
1992Evidence that the masticatory muscles receive a direct innervation from cell group k in the rabbitDonga, R; Dubuc, R; Kolta, A; Lund, JPJournal Article
6-Dec-2002Convergence of selected inputs premotor neurons with possible from sensory afferents to trigeminal projections to masseter motoneurons in the rabbitInoue, M; Nozawa-Inoue, K; Donga, R; Yamada, YJournal Article
1993An unrelayed projection of jaw-muscle spindle afferents to the cerebellumDonga, R; Dessem, DJournal Article
1990An electrophysiological study of trigeminal commissural interneurons in the anaesthetized rabbitDonga, R; Lund, JP; Veilleux, DJournal Article