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Dec-2004Rheumatology curriculum: passport to the future successful handling of the musculoskeletal burden?Goh, L; Samanta, A; Cavendish, S; Heney, DJournal Article
May-2005The long case revisited.McKinley, RK; Hastings, AM; Petersen, SJournal Article
Jul-2005Three-year follow-up of a family support service cohort of children with behavioural problems and their parents.Anderson, L; Vostanis, P; O'Reilly, MJournal Article
Apr-2008Gender differences in final year medical students' experience of teaching of intimate examinations: a questionnaire study.Akkad, A; Bonas, S; Stark, PJournal Article
May-2006Strengths and weaknesses in the consultation skills of senior medical students: identification, enhancement and curricular change.Hastings, A; McKinley, RK; Fraser, RCJournal Article
Jun-2007Patients' experiences and perceptions of medical student candidates sitting a finals examination.Lazarus, PAJournal Article
Jan-2009Preparation of educators involved in interprofessional education.Anderson, ES; Cox, D; Thorpe, LNJournal Article
Jun-2009Medical students benefit from learning about patient safety in an interprofessional team.Anderson, E; Thorpe, L; Heney, D; Petersen, SJournal Article
2010Interprofessional educator ambassadors: An empirical study of motivation and added value.Anderson, ES; Thorpe, LNJournal Article
2011Learning to listen: improving students' communication with disabled people.Anderson, ES; Ford, J; Thorpe, LJournal Article