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3-May-2004Rostrocaudal distribution of motoneurones and variation in ventral horn area within a segment of the feline thoracic spinal cord.Meehan, CF; Ford, TW; Road, JD; Donga, R; Saywell, SA; Anissimova, NP; Kirkwood, PAJournal Article
Apr-2007Death receptor-induced apoptosis reveals a novel interplay between the chromosomal passenger complex and CENP-C during interphase.Faragher, AJ; Sun, XM; Butterworth, M; Harper, N; Mulheran, M; Ruchaud, S; Earnshaw, WC; Cohen, GMJournal Article
Jul-2005Three-year follow-up of a family support service cohort of children with behavioural problems and their parents.Anderson, L; Vostanis, P; O'Reilly, MJournal Article
Apr-2008Gender differences in final year medical students' experience of teaching of intimate examinations: a questionnaire study.Akkad, A; Bonas, S; Stark, PJournal Article
Sep-2005Participation of disadvantaged parents in child care research.Joseph, D; Wailoo, MP; Jackson, A; Petersen, SA; Anderson, ESJournal Article
Jun-2007Increased blood levels of IgG reactive with secreted Streptococcus pyogenes proteins in chronic plaque psoriasis.El-Rachkidy, RG; Hales, JM; Freestone, PP; Young, HS; Griffiths, CE; Camp, RDJournal Article
12-Feb-2005Once versus three-times daily regimens of tobramycin treatment for pulmonary exacerbations of cystic fibrosis--the TOPIC study: a randomised controlled trial.Smyth, A; Tan, KH; Hyman-Taylor, P; Mulheran, M; Lewis, S; Stableforth, D; Prof Knox A; TOPIC Study GroupJournal Article
Jun-2007Patients' experiences and perceptions of medical student candidates sitting a finals examination.Lazarus, PAJournal Article
Jan-2011Interprofessional staff development: changing attitudes and winning hearts and minds.Anderson, ES; Thorpe, LN; Hammick, MJournal Article
May-2011Management of esophageal perforation and anastomotic leak by transluminal drainage.Williams, RN; Hall, AW; Sutton, CD; Ubhi, SS; Bowrey, DJJournal Article