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Title: Phylogenetic analysis of different isolates of Sulfobacillus spp. isolated from uranium-rich environments and recovery of genes using integron-specific primers.
Authors: Ghauri, MA
Khalid, AM
Grant, S
Heaphy, S
Grant, WD
First Published: Oct-2003
Citation: EXTREMOPHILES, 2003, 7 (5), pp. 341-345
Abstract: The isolation and phylogenetic characterization of acidophilic moderate thermophilic bacteria from different locations of uranium mines and a uranium processing mill in Pakistan is reported. The dominant culturable bacteria found were related to Sulfobacillus thermosulfidooxidans in all the samples analyzed. Different strains displayed different levels of identity (95-97%) to 16S rDNA of known strains of this species, indicating group heterogeneity. Genomic DNA from five isolates was subjected to amplification using integron-specific primers HS286 and HS287. Recovery of different integron-linked genes from one of the isolates indicated the usefulness of this approach for gene mining in place of traditional gene recovery methodologies.
DOI Link: 10.1007/s00792-003-0354-3
ISSN: 1431-0651
Type: Journal Article
Appears in Collections:Published Articles, Dept. of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation

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