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Title: Can optical recordings of membrane potential be used to screen for drug-induced action potential prolongation in single cardiac myocytes?
Authors: Hardy, ME
Lawrence, CL
Standen, NB
Rodrigo, GC
First Published: Sep-2006
Citation: J PHARMACOL TOXICOL METHODS, 2006, 54 (2), pp. 173-182
Abstract: Potential-sensitive dyes have primarily been used to optically record action potentials (APs) in whole heart tissue. Using these dyes to record drug-induced changes in AP morphology of isolated cardiac myocytes could provide an opportunity to develop medium throughout assays for the pharmaceutical industry. Ideally, this requires that the dye has a consistent and rapid response to membrane potential, is insensitive to movement, and does not itself affect AP morphology.
DOI Link: 10.1016/j.vascn.2006.02.013
ISSN: 1056-8719
Type: Journal Article
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