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Title: Characterisation of ATP analogues to cross-link and label P2X receptors.
Authors: Agboh, KC
Powell, AJ
Evans, RJ
First Published: Jan-2009
Citation: NEUROPHARMACOLOGY, 2009, 56 (1), pp. 230-236
Abstract: P2X receptors are a distinct family of ATP-gated ion channels with a number of physiological roles ranging from smooth muscle contractility to the regulation of blood clotting. In this study we determined whether the UV light-reactive ATP analogues 2-azido ATP, ATP azidoanilide (ATP-AA) and 2',3'-O-(4-benzoylbenzoyl)-ATP (BzATP) can be used to label the ATP binding site of P2X1 receptors. These analogues were agonists, and in patch clamp studies evoked inward currents from HEK293 cells stably expressing the P2X1 receptor. Following irradiation in the presence of these compounds subsequent responses to an EC50 concentration of ATP were reduced by >65%. These effects were partially reversed by co-application of ATP or suramin with the photo-reactive ATP analogue at the time of irradiation. In autoradiographic studies radiolabelled 2-azido [gamma32P] ATP and ATP-AA-[gamma32P] cross-linked to P2X1 receptors and this binding was reduced by co-incubation with ATP. These studies demonstrate that photo-reactive ATP analogues can be used to label P2X receptor and may prove useful in elucidating the ATP binding site at this novel class of ATP binding proteins.
DOI Link: 10.1016/j.neuropharm.2008.05.018
ISSN: 0028-3908
Type: Journal Article
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