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Dec-2011Eμ/miR-125b transgenic mice develop lethal B-cell malignanciesEnomoto, Y; Kitaura, J; Kato, N; Nishimura, K; Takahashi, M; Kitamura, T; Hatakeyama, K; Watanuki, J; Shimanuki, M; Nakakuma, H; Sonoki, T; Akasaka, T; Dyer, MJS; Taniwaki, M; Haferlach, C; Siebert, R; Asou, N; Aburatani, H; Kitamura, TJournal Article
Dec-2011E mu/miR-125b transgenic mice develop lethal B-cell malignanciesEnomoto, Y; Kitaura, J; Hatakeyama, K; Watanuki, J; Akasaka, T; Kato, N; Shimanuki, M; Nishimura, K; Takahashi, M; Taniwaki, M; Haferlach, C; Siebert, R; Dyer, MJS; Asou, N; Aburatani, H; Nakakuma, H; Kitamura, T; Sonoki, TJournal Article
Aug-2012Non-nodal type of mantle cell lymphoma is a specific biological and clinical subgroup of the diseaseRoyo, C; Navarro, A; Clot, G; Salaverria, I; Gine, E; Jares, P; Colomer, D; Wiestner, A; Wilson, WH; Vegliante, MC; Fernandez, V; Hartmann, EM; Trim, N; Erber, WN; Swerdlow, SH; Klapper, W; Dyer, MJS; Vargas-Pabon, M; Ott, G; Rosenwald, A; Siebert, R; Lopez-Guillermo, A; Campo, E; Bea, SJournal Article
2002Lack of somatic hypermutation of IG V genes in lymphoid malignancies with t(2;14)(p13;q32) translocation involving the BCL11A geneKüppers, R; Sonoki, T; Satterwhite, E; Gesk, S; Harder, L; Oscier, DG; Tucker, PW; Dyer, MJS; Siebert, RJournal Article
Dec-2011Bilateral subdural hygromas following intrathecal methotrexateLokireddy, P; Dyer, MJSJournal Article
1-Mar-2004Management guidelines for use of alemtuzumab in B-Cell chronic lymphocytic leukemiaKeating, M; Coutre, S; Rai, K; Osterborg, A; Faderl, S; Kennedy, B; Kipps, T; Bodey, G; Byrd, JC; Rosen, S; Dearden, C; Dyer, MJS; Hillmen, PJournal Article
1-Jun-2005Mantle-cell lymphoma genotypes identified with CGH to BAC microarrays define a leukemic subgroup of disease and predict patient outcomeMartinez-Climent, JA; Rubio-Moscardo, F; Climent, J; Siebert, R; Piris, MA; Martín-Subero, JI; Nieländer, I; Garcia-Conde, J; Dyer, MJS; Terol, MJ; Pinkel, DJournal Article
2002The configuration of the immunoglobulin genes in B cell chronic lymphocytic leukemiaDyer, MJS; Oscier, DGJournal Article
1-May-2003The pathogenetic role of oncogenes deregulated by chromosomal translocation in B-cell malignanciesDyer, MJSJournal Article
25-Nov-2010The PARP inhibitor olaparib induces significant killing of ATM-deficientlymphoid tumor cells in vitro and in vivoWeston, VJ; Oldreive, CE; Skowronska, A; Kearns, P; Moss, PAH; Taylor, AMR; Stankovic, T; Oscier, DG; Pratt, G; Dyer, MJS; Smith, G; Powell, JE; Rudzki, ZJournal Article