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13-Aug-2005Can nomograms using urinary NMP22 predict recurrence and progression of superficial bladder cancer? CommentaryMellon, JKJournal Article
Jun-2003Improving and predicting radiosensitivity in muscle invasive bladder cancer.Colquhoun, AJ; Jones, GD; Moneef, MA; Bowman, KJ; Kockelbergh, RC; Symonds, RP; Steward, WP; Mellon, JKJournal Article
2010Management of the distal ureter during nephroureterectomy for upper urinary tract transitional cell carcinoma: a review.Gkougkousis, EG; Mellon, JK; Griffiths, TRJournal Article
2006Management of the gastrointestinal tract at the time of cystectomy.Jain, S; Simms, MS; Mellon, JKJournal Article
2003Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) in bladder cancer: The induction of MMP9 by epidermal growth factor and its detection in urineNutt, JE; Durkan, GC; Lunec, J; Durkan, GC; Mellon, JK; Nutt, JEJournal Article
2006Management of transitional cell carcinoma by targeting the epidermal growth factor receptorBrook, NR; Colquhoun, AJ; Mellon, JKJournal Article
Nov-2002Resveratrol - A prostate cancer chemopreventive agent?Ratan, HL; Mellon, JK; Steward, WP; Gescher, AJJournal Article
Sep-2009Urethral venous malformation: an unusual cause of recurrent post-coital gross haematuria in association with haematospermia.Gkougkousis, EG; Khan, M; Terry, TR; Mellon, JKJournal Article
1-Sep-2009SIP1 protein protects cells from DNA damage-induced apoptosis and has independent prognostic value in bladder cancer.Sayan, AE; Griffiths, TR; Pal, R; Browne, GJ; Ruddick, A; Yagci, T; Edwards, R; Mayer, NJ; Qazi, H; Goyal, S; Fernandez, S; Straatman, K; Jones, GD; Bowman, KJ; Colquhoun, A; Mellon, JK; Kriajevska, M; Tulchinsky, EJournal Article
Apr-2004Tyrosine kinase inhibitors of the epidermal growth factor receptor as adjuncts to systemic chemotherapy for muscle-invasive bladder cancer.McHugh, LA; Griffiths, TR; Kriajevska, M; Symonds, RP; Mellon, JKJournal Article