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Nov-2001Leiomyosarcoma of the spleen.Daudia, AT; Walker, S; Morgan, B; Lloyd, DMJournal Article
Mar-2010Microwave ablation for unresectable hepatic tumours: clinical results using a novel microwave probe and generator.Bhardwaj, N; Strickland, AD; Ahmad, F; El-Abassy, M; Morgan, B; Robertson, GS; Lloyd, DMJournal Article
Nov-2007The role of mobile computed tomography in mass fatality incidents.Rutty, GN; Robinson, CE; BouHaidar, R; Jeffery, AJ; Morgan, BJournal Article
Nov-2010The use of post-mortem computed tomography in the investigation of intentional neonatal upper airway obstruction: an illustrated case.Rutty, GN; Jeffery, AJ; Raj, V; Morgan, BJournal Article
May-2009The effect of palatability of oral contrast media on compliance with drinking protocols, and on bowel opacification, in abdominal CTMorgan, B; Basu, A; Kithoray, S; Tyagi, R; Campbell, S; Liddicoat, AJournal Article
Aug-2001The use of dilute Calogen as a fat density oral contrast medium in upper abdominal computed tomography, compared with the use of water and positive oral contrast media.Ramsay, DW; Markham, DH; Morgan, B; Rodgers, PM; Liddicoat, AJJournal Article
Sep-2012Post-mortem computed tomography and 3D imaging: anthropological applications for juvenile remains.Brough, AL; Rutty, GN; Black, S; Morgan, BJournal Article
13-Jun-2012The effect on toxicology, biochemistry and immunology investigations by the use of targeted post-mortem computed tomography angiography.Rutty, GN; Smith, P; Visser, T; Barber, J; Amorosa, J; Morgan, BJournal Article
2012Post-mortem computed tomography and 3D imaging: Anthropological applications for juvenile remainsBrough, AL; Rutty, GN; Black, S; Morgan, BJournal Article
Feb-2011Intra-arterial brachytherapy of hepatic malignancies: watch the flow.Morgan, B; Kennedy, AS; Lewington, V; Jones, B; Sharma, RAJournal Article