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2002Important clinical outcomes in urogynecology: views of patients, nurses and medical staff.Tincello, DG; Alfirevic, ZJournal Article
2002Leukocyte populations in interstitial cystitis and idiopathic reduced bladder storageAl-Hadithi, H; Tincello, DG; Vince, GS; Richmond, DH; Tincello, DGJournal Article
Sep-2003Life-threatening obstetric haemorrhage in second trimester from a placenta percreta with raised alpha-fetoprotein levels.Kapoor, DS; Tincello, DG; Kingston, REJournal Article
Aug-2005Risk scoring system for prediction of obstetric anal sphincter injury.Williams, A; Tincello, DG; White, S; Adams, EJ; Alfirevic, Z; Richmond, DHJournal Article
Jan-2011The management of voiding dysfunction following mid urethral tape insertionDasgupta, J; Goddard, JC; Mayne, CJ; Tincello, DGJournal Article
Jan-2009The use of synthetic meshes in vaginal prolapse surgery.Tincello, DGJournal Article
Feb-2007Urinary diaries: a comparison of data collected for three days versus seven days.Tincello, DG; Williams, KS; Joshi, M; Assassa, RP; Abrams, KRJournal Article
Jun-2005Women's experiences after a third-degree obstetric anal sphincter tear: a qualitative study.Williams, A; Lavender, T; Richmond, DH; Tincello, DGJournal Article
Aug-2011An overview of surgical interventions for the treatment of urinary incontinenceMaguire, T; Tincello, DG; Mistri, AK; Tincello, DG; Mistri, AKJournal Article
Jan-2009The value of qualitative research in urogynaecology.Doshani, A; Pitchforth, E; Mayne, C; Tincello, DGJournal Article