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8-Oct-2010Repeat Dose Study of the Cancer Chemopreventive Agent Resveratrol in Healthy Volunteers: Safety, Pharmacokinetics, and Effect on the Insulin-like Growth Factor AxisBrown, Victoria A.; Patel, Ketan R.; Viskaduraki, Maria; Crowell, James A.; Perloff, Marjorie; Booth, Tristan D.; Vasilinin, Grygoriy; Sen, Ananda; Schinas, Anna Maria; Piccirilli, Gianfranca; Brown, Karen; Steward, William P.; Gescher, Andreas J.; Brenner, Dean E.Article
25-Oct-2010Pediatric brain tumor cancer stem cells: cell cycle dynamics, DNA repair, and etoposide extrusion.Hussein, D.; Punjaruk, W.; Storer, L. C.; Shaw, L.; Ottoman, R.; Peet, A.; Miller, S.; Bandopadhyay, G.; Heath, R.; Kumari, R.; Bowman, Karen Julia; Braker, P.; Rahman, R.; Jones, G. D.; Watson, S.; Lowe, J.; Kerr, I. D.; Grundy, R. G.; Coyle, B.Journal Article
18-May-2010A TRAIL-R1-specific ligand in combination with doxorubicin selectively targets primary breast tumour cells for apoptosisTwiddy, D.; Naik, S.; Mistry, R.; Edwards, J.; Walker, Rosemary Ann; Cohen, G. M.; MacFarlane, M.Conference Paper
21-Jan-2010Kinase-dead BRAF and oncongenic RAS cooperate to drive tumour progression through CRAFHeidorn, S. J.; Milagre, C.; Whittaker, S.; Nourry, A.; Niculescu Duvas, I.; Dhomen, I.; Hussain, Jahan; Reis Filho, J. S.; Springer, C. J.; Pritchard, Catrin; Marais, R.Journal Article
2-Aug-2010Association of invasion-promoting tenascin-C additional domains with breast cancers in young women.Guttery, David S.; Hancox, Rachael A.; Mulligan, Kellie T.; Hughes, Simon; Lambe, Sinead M.; Pringle, J. Howard; Walker, Rosemary A.; Jones, J. Louise; Shaw, Jacqueline A.Journal Article