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11-May-2017Psycho-social influences upon older women's decision to attend cervical screening: A review of current evidence.Hope, Kirsty A.; Moss, Esther; Redman, Charles W. E.; Sherman, Susan M.Journal Article
26-May-2017KRASG12D expression in lung-resident myeloid cells promotes pulmonary LCH-like neoplasm sensitive to statin treatmentKamata, Tamihiro; Giblett, Susan; Pritchard, CatrinJournal Article
21-Jul-2017Human Factors Evaluation of Surgeons' Working Positions for Gynecologic Minimal Access SurgeryHignett, Sue; Gyi, Diane; Calkins, Lisa; Jones, Laura; Moss, EstherJournal Article
22-Aug-2017Paradoxical activation of alternative pro-survival pathways determines resistance to MEK inhibitors in chronic lymphocytic leukaemiaChen, Yixiang; Germano, Sandra; Shelmani, Ghalia; Kluczna, Diana; Jayne, Sandrine; Dyer, Martin J. S.; Macip, SalvadorJournal Article
22-Aug-2017Chemopreventive effect of resveratrol in preclinical colorectal cancer models with different genetic driversJawad, Dhafer SahibThesis
23-Sep-2017Could Post-mortem Computed Tomography Angiography Inform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Research?Rutty, Guy N.; Amoroso, Jasmin; Coats, Tim; Morgan, BrunoJournal Article
16-Oct-2017Forces generated in stabbing attacks: an evaluation of the utility of the mild, moderate and severe scaleNolan, Gary; Hainsworth, Sarah V.; Rutty, Guy N.Journal Article
19-Oct-2017An investigation of tumour-associated macrophages and statin therapy in human pulmonary adenocarcinomaAldujaily, Esraa AbdulaalThesis
14-Dec-2017Regulation and function of S100 proteins in pancreatic carcinomaAl Ismaeel, Qais IbraheemThesis
20-Dec-2017Sedentary Time and MRI-Derived Measures of Adiposity in Active Versus Inactive Individuals.Henson, Joseph; Edwardson, Charlotte L.; Morgan, Bruno; Horsfield, Mark A.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Davies, Melanie J.; Yates, ThomasJournal Article