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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
1-Apr-2012Studies of Human and Porcine Hepatocyte Cryopreservation and Their Suitability for Use in Bioartificial Liver DevelopmentPattenden, Clare JaneThesis
1-Apr-2012An Investigation into the Colorectal Cancer Chemopreventive Mechanisms of 3’, 4’, 5’, 5, 7-Pentamethoxyflavone (PMF)Fong, Isabel LimThesis
Dec-2011Eμ/miR-125b transgenic mice develop lethal B-cell malignanciesEnomoto, Y; Kitaura, J; Kato, N; Nishimura, K; Takahashi, M; Kitamura, T; Hatakeyama, K; Watanuki, J; Shimanuki, M; Nakakuma, H; Sonoki, T; Akasaka, T; Dyer, MJS; Taniwaki, M; Haferlach, C; Siebert, R; Asou, N; Aburatani, H; Kitamura, TJournal Article
7-Jan-2010Anthocyanin-rich red grape extract impedes adenoma development in the ApcMin mouse: Pharmacodynamic changes and anthocyanin levels in the murine biophaseCai, Hong; Marczylo, Timothy H.; Teller, Nicole; Brown, Karen; Steward, William P.; Marko, Doris; Gescher, Andreas J.Article
1-Oct-2011Potential cancer chemopreventive properties of resveratrol metabolitesPatel, Ketan R.Thesis
1-Apr-2014Optimising the management of breast cancer in older patientsTahir, MohammadThesis
14-Sep-2010Clinical Pharmacology of Resveratrol and Its Metabolites in Colorectal Cancer PatientsPatel, Ketan R.; Brown, Victoria A.; Jones, Donald J. L.; Britton, Robert G.; Hemingway, David; Miller, Andrew S.; West, Kevin P.; Booth, Tristan D.; Perloff, Marjorie; Crowell, James A.; Brenner, Dean E.; Steward, William P.; Gescher, Andreas J.; Brown, KarenArticle
3-Nov-2010Curcumin ameliorates oxaliplatin-induced chemoresistance in HCT116 colorectal cancer cells in vitro and in vivoHowells, Lynne M.; Sale, Stewart; Sriramareddy, Sathya Neelature; Irving, Glen R.B.; Jones, Donald J. L.; Ottley, Christopher J.; Pearson, D. Graham; Mann, Christopher D.; Manson, Margaret M.; Berry, David P.; Gescher, Andreas J.; Steward, William P.; Brown, KarenArticle
1-May-2011The Impact of Chemoprevention on Treatment Regimens for Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder CancerHiggins, Jennifer AnnThesis
Feb-2011Pharmacokinetics in mice and metabolism in murine and human liver fractions of the putative cancer chemopreventive agents 3′,4′,5′,5,7-pentamethoxyflavone and tricin (4′,5,7-trihydroxy-3′,5′-dimethoxyflavone)Cai, Hong; Sale, Stewart; Britton, Robert G.; Brown, Karen; Steward, William P.; Gescher, Andreas J.Article