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Sep-2005The finasteride prostate cancer prevention trial (PCPT)--what have we learned?Mellon, JKJournal Article
Sep-2004The role of special cutting equipment and corporeal aspiration in the treatment of penile incarceration with a barbell retaining collar.Kimber, RM; Mellon, JKJournal Article
Sep-2000Chemoprevention of breast cancer by tamoxifen: risks and opportunities.Smith, LL; Brown, K; Carthew, P; Lim, CK; Martin, EA; Styles, J; White, INJournal Article
Nov-2000Differential effects of cyclosporin and tacrolimus on the expression of fibrosis-associated genes in isolated glomeruli from renal transplants.Bicknell, GR; Williams, ST; Shaw, JA; Pringle, JH; Furness, PN; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
22-Jul-2002Choanal atresia: the result of maternal thyrotoxicosis or fetal carbimazole?Barwell, J; Fox, GF; Round, J; Berg, JJournal Article
Mar-2011Is IgA antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody a marker for patients with erythema elevatum diutinum? A further three cases demonstrating this association.Crichlow, SM; Alexandroff, AB; Simpson, RC; Saldanha, G; Walker, S; Harman, KEJournal Article
Jul-2006Molecular genetic study comparing follicular variant versus classic papillary thyroid carcinomas: association of N-ras mutation in codon 61 with follicular variant.Di Cristofaro J; Marcy, M; Vasko, V; Sebag, F; Fakhry, N; Wynford-Thomas, D; De Micco CJournal Article
Oct-2003Class II neocentromeres: a putative common neocentromere site in band 4q21.2.Warburton, PC; Barwell, J; Splitt, M; Maxwell, D; Bint, S; Ogilvie, CMJournal Article
10-Jan-2005Interstitial cystitis in the UK: results of a questionnaire survey of members of the Interstitial Cystitis Support Group.Tincello, DG; Walker, ACJournal Article
Jun-2005Epidural haemorrhage of the cervical spinal cord: a post-mortem artefact?Rutty, GN; Squier, WM; Padfield, CJJournal Article