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May-2010A mosaic cell layer in human pregnancy.Byrne, S; Challis, E; Williams, JL; Pringle, JH; Hennessy, JM; Ockleford, CDJournal Article
Jul-2009MicroRNAs are novel biomarkers of colorectal cancer.Aslam, MI; Taylor, K; Pringle, JH; Jameson, JSJournal Article
1-Aug-2001Specific inhibition of estrogen receptor alpha function by antisense oligodeoxyribonucleotidesTaylor, AH; Pringle, JH; Bell, SC; Al-Azzawi, FJournal Article
Nov-2004The development and characterization of an in vitro model of psoriasisBarker, CL; McHale, MT; Smith, GM; Gillies, AK; Pringle, JH; Waller, J; Pearce, DM; Osborne, J; Hutchinson, PEJournal Article
1-Apr-2003There is more than one kind of myofibroblast: Analysis of CD34 expression in benign, in situ, and invasive breast lesionsJones, JL; Chauhan, H; Abraham, A; Phillips, JRA; Walker, RA; Jones, JL; Pringle, JHJournal Article
2009Tumour-associated tenascin-C isoforms promote breast cancer cell invasion and growth by matrix metalloproteinase-dependent and independent mechanisms.Hancox, RA; Allen, MD; Holliday, DL; Edwards, DR; Pennington, CJ; Guttery, DS; Shaw, JA; Walker, RA; Pringle, JH; Jones, JLJournal Article
Jan-2008Understanding spitzoid tumours: new insights from molecular pathology.Da Forno PD; Fletcher, A; Pringle, JH; Saldanha, GSJournal Article
Mar-2006Trimegestone differentially modulates the expression of matrix metalloproteinases in the endometrial stromal cellWahab, M; Taylor, AH; Pringle, JH; Thompson, J; Al-Azzawi, FJournal Article
15-Sep-2008WNT5A expression increases during melanoma progression and correlates with outcome.Da Forno PD; Pringle, JH; Hutchinson, P; Osborn, J; Huang, Q; Potter, L; Hancox, RA; Fletcher, A; Saldanha, GSJournal Article
Jul-2004Patterns of uterine cellular proliferation and apoptosis in the implantation site of the rat pregnancyCorreia-da-Silva, G; Teixeira, NA; Bell, SC; Pringle, JHJournal Article