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2005Characterisation of novel mutations in Cockayne syndrome type A and xeroderma pigmentosum group C subjects.Ridley, AJ; Colley, J; Wynford-Thomas, D; Jones, CJJournal Article
20-May-2004Telomere erosion triggers growth arrest but not cell death in human cancer cells retaining wild-type p53: implications for antitelomerase therapy.Preto, A; Singhrao, SK; Haughton, MF; Kipling, D; Wynford-Thomas, D; Jones, CJJournal Article
1995Does telomere shortening drive selection for p53 mutation in human cancer?Wynford-Thomas, D; Bond, JA; Wyllie, FS; Jones, CJJournal Article
1-May-1998Dissociation of telomere dynamics from telomerase activity in human thyroid cancer cells.Jones, CJ; Soley, A; Skinner, JW; Gupta, J; Haughton, MF; Wyllie, FS; Schlumberger, M; Bacchetti, S; Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article
24-Jun-1999p53-Dependent growth arrest and altered p53-immunoreactivity following metabolic labelling with 32P ortho-phosphate in human fibroblasts.Bond, JA; Webley, K; Wyllie, FS; Jones, CJ; Craig, A; Hupp, T; Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article
1-Apr-2001Simian virus 40 detection in human mesothelioma: Reliability and significance of the available molecular evidenceJasani, B; Jones, CJ; Radu, C; Wynford-Thomas, D; Navabi, H; Mason, M; Adams, M; Gibbs, AJournal Article
15-Jan-1996High frequency deletion of the tumour suppressor gene P16 (MTS1) in human thyroid cancer cell linesJones, CJ; Wynford-Thomas, D; Shaw, JJ; Wyllie, FS; Wynford-Thomas, D; Gaillard, N; Schlumberger, MJournal Article
May-1995Is TFIIH an activator of the p53-mediated G1/S checkpoint?Jones, CJ; Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article
Jan-2000Telomerase prevents the accelerated cell ageing of Werner syndrome fibroblasts.Wyllie, FS; Jones, CJ; Skinner, JW; Haughton, MF; Wallis, C; Wynford-Thomas, D; Faragher, RG; Kipling, DJournal Article
Jun-2001Telomerase activity and telomere length in thyroid neoplasia: biological and clinical implications.Matthews, P; Jones, CJ; Skinner, J; Haughton, M; de Micco C; Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article