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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
1-Nov-2013The role of the endocannabinoid system in fertility controlKarasu, TülayThesis
20-Jun-2012MicroRNA manipulation in colorectal cancer cells : from laboratory to clinical applicationAslam, Muhammad Imran; Patel, Maleene; Singh, Baljit; Jameson, John Stuart; Pringle, James HowardJournal Article
Dec-2011STrengthening the Reporting of OBservational studies in Epidemiology - Molecular Epidemiology STROBE-ME: An extension of the STROBE statementGallo, V; Gallo, V; Egger, M; McCormack, V; Wild, C; Farmer, PB; Ioannidis, JPA; Ioannidis, JPA; Kirsch-Volders, M; Matullo, G; Vineis, P; Matullo, G; Phillips, DH; Schoket, B; Stromberg, U; Vermeulen, R; Porta, M; Vineis, PJournal Article
1-Dec-2011Preclinical Studies of 3',4',5'-Trimethoxyflavonol, a Putative Agent for the Chemoprevention and the Management of Prostate CancerSaad, Shaban Eljali AliThesis
1-Nov-2013Coping with Cancer : a comparison of British South Asian and British White patients following referral to a UK Cancer Centre, a cross sectional studyLord, Karen Wendy ElizabethThesis
1-Jan-2012Comparing statistical models to predict dengue fever notificationsEarnest, A.; Tan, S.B.; Wilder-Smith, A.; Machin, DavidJournal Article
1-May-2013The master-regulators of EMT and E-cadherin constitute a novel pathway in malignant melanomaHill, Louise AnneThesis
1-Jun-2012Gene expression profiling of colorectal tissues in the early adenoma-carcinoma sequenceThomas, Katie MervynThesis
21-Sep-2012Acquired differential regulation of caspase-8 in cisplatin-resistant non-small-cell lung cancer.Paul, I.; Chacko, A.D.; Stasik, I.; Busacca, S.; Crawford, N.; McCoy, F.; McTavish, N.; Wilson, B.; Barr, M.; O'Byrne, K.J.; Longley, D.B.; Fennell, Dean A.Journal Article
2-Oct-2013Sulfate metabolites provide an intracellular pool for resveratrol generation and induce autophagy with senescencePatel, Ketan R.; Andreadi, Catherine; Britton, Robert G.; Horner-Glister, Emma; Karmokar, Ankur; Sale, Stewart; Brown, Victoria A.; Brenner, Dean E.; Singh, Rajinder; Steward, William P.; Gescher, Andreas J.; Brown, KarenJournal Article