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1-Apr-2015The Future of Pediatric and Perinatal Post-mortem ImagingGorincour, G.; Sarda-Quarello, L.; Pierre-Eloi, L.; Brough, Alison; Rutty, Guy N.Journal Article
23-May-2015Post-mortem computed tomography visualised fire related post-mortem changes of the headRutty, Guy N.; Hollingbury, Frances E.; Morgan, BrunoJournal Article
23-Jun-2015Detection of bacterioplankton using PCR probes as a diagnostic indicator for drowning; the Leicester experience.Rutty, Guy N.; Bradley, Carina J.; Biggs, Mike J. P.; Hollingbury, Frances E.; Hamilton, Stuart J.; Malcomson, Roger D. G.; Holmes, Christopher W.Journal Article
1-Jul-2016Letter to the Editor: Re: Gubbins K (2016) The hanging/hanged patient and relevance to pre-hospital care. Journal of Paramedic Practice 8(6): 290–3Rutty, Guy N.Journal Article
5-Nov-2016Post-mortem computed tomography coaxial cutting needle biopsy to facilitate the detection of bacterioplankton using PCR probes as a diagnostic indicator for drowningRutty, Guy N.; Johnson, Christopher; Amoroso, Jasmin; Robinson, Claire; Bradley, Carina J.; Morgan, BrunoJournal Article
3-Dec-2015An investigation of juvenile cranial thickness-analysis of skull morphometrics across the complete developmental age rangeBrough, Alison; Calderbank, T.; Morgan, Bruno; Rutty, Guy N.Journal Article
15-Jan-2016Cardiothoracic Ratio (CTR) measured on Post-mortem computed tomography (PMCT) - pre and post-ventilationJames, Pippa; Morgan, Bruno; Rutty, Guy N.; Brough, AlisonJournal Article
10-Nov-2015How does post-mortem imaging compare to autopsy, is this a relevant question?Morgan, Bruno; Rutty, Guy N.Journal Article
24-Apr-2015Use of Radiography & Fluoroscopy in Disaster Victim Identification. Positional statement of the members of the Disaster Victim Identification working group of the International Society of Forensic Radiology and ImagingViner, M.; Alminyah, A.; Apostol, M.; Brough, A.; Develter, W.; O’Donnell, C.; Elliott, D.; Heinze, S.; Hofman, P.; Gorincour, G.; Singh, M.; Iino, M.; Makino, Y.; Moskała, A.; Morgan, B.; Rutty, Guy N.; Vallis, J.; Villa, C.; Woźniak, K.Journal Article
15-Jan-2016Biological profiling of Richard III using post-mortem computed tomography scanningBrough, Alison; Morgan, Bruno; Robinson, C.; Appleby, J.; Buckley, R.; Rutty, Guy N.Journal Article