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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
1-May-2014Developing and evaluating a psychometrically validated urinary diaryBright , Elizabeth AnneThesis
1-Apr-2014Optimising the management of breast cancer in older patientsTahir, MohammadThesis
24-Jun-2014The application of post-mortem computed tomography (PMCT) for the anthropological examination of juvenile remainsBrough, Alison LouiseThesis
1-May-2014Assessment of the genotoxicity of dietary acrylamideSchumacher, SandraThesis
1-Apr-2014The evaluation of different techniques of hepatic ablation in an ex-vivo perfused porcine liver modelGravante, GianpieroThesis
24-Jul-2014Randomised controlled trial of the effects of fish oil emulsion in total parenteral nutrition upon tumour vascularity in patients with hepatic colorectal metastasesStephenson, James AndrewThesis
1-Apr-2014Pharmacological investigation of clinically achievable concentrations of resveratrol in colorectal cancerKholghi, Abeer Othman A.Thesis
31-Jul-2014Development of novel therapies for colorectal carcinoma using dietary indolesBrookes, Alastair ForbesThesis
7-Jan-2014Qualitative and quantitative characterization of plasma proteins when incorporating traveling wave ion mobility into a liquid chromatography−mass spectrometry workflow for biomarker discovery : use of product ion quantitation as an alternative data analysis tool for label free quantitationDaly, Charlotte E.; Ng, Leong L.; Hakimi, Amirmansoor; Willingale, Richard; Jones, Donald J. L.Journal Article
26-Nov-2014Novel method for the high-throughput processing of slides for the comet assayKarbaschi, Mahsa; Cooke, Marcus S.Journal Article