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2016Colorectal Cancer ChemopreventionHowells, Lynne; Brown, KarenChapter
11-Jan-2016Ventilated Post-mortem computed tomographyRutty, Guy Nathan; Morgan, B.; Germerott, T.; Thali, M.; Arthurs, O.Journal Article
30-Jun-2016Regulation of BRAF protein stability by a negative feedback loop involving the MEK-ERK pathway but not the FBXW7 tumour suppressorHernandez, Maria Aguilar; Patel, Bipin; Hey, Fiona; Giblett, Susan; Davis, Hayley; Pritchard, CatrinJournal Article
2-Mar-2016A study of the distribution of DNA damage, repair and epigenetic changes following exposure to ultraviolet radiationAlhegaili, Alaa SaudThesis
1-Jan-2016An Association of Cancer Physicians’ strategy for improving services and outcomes for cancer patientsBaird, R; Banks, I; Cameron, D; Chester, J; Earl, H; Flannagan, M; Januszewski, A; Kennedy, R; Payne, S; Samuel, E; Taylor, H; Agarwal, R; Ahmed, Samreen; Archer, C; Board, R; Carser, J; Copson, E; Cunningham, D; Coleman, R; Dangoor, A; Dark, G; Eccles, D; Gallagher, C; Glaser, A; Griffiths, R; Hall, G; Hall, M; Harari, D; Hawkins, M; Hill, M; Johnson, P; Jones, A; Kalsi, T; Karapanagiotou, E; Kemp, Z; Mansi, J; Marshall, E; Mitchell, A; Moe, M; Michie, C; Neal, R; Newsom-Davis, T; Norton, A; Osborne, R; Patel, G; Radford, J; Ring, A; Shaw, E; Skinner, R; Stark, D; Turnbull, S; Velikova, G; White, J; Young, A; Joffe, J; Selby, PJournal Article
13-Feb-2016Nonproliferative and Proliferative Lesions of the Gastrointestinal Tract, Pancreas and Salivary Glands of the Rat and MouseNolte, T.; Brander-Weber, P.; Dangler, C.; Deschl, U.; Elwell, M. R.; Greaves, Peter; Hailey, R.; Leach, M. W.; Pandiri, A. R.; Rogers, A.; Shackelford, C. C.; Spencer, A.; Tanaka, T.; Ward, J. M.Journal Article
11-May-2016Assessment of UVR-Induced DNA Damage and Repair in Nuclear Genome versus Mitochondrial GenomeAlrumaihi, Faris Abdulrahman I.Thesis
28-Jan-2016Engagement of the B-cell receptor of chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells drives global and MYC-specific mRNA translationYeomans, Alison; Thirdborough, Stephen M.; Valle-Argos, Beatriz; Linley, Adam; Krysov, Sergey; Hidalgo, Marina Sanchez; Leonard, Elodie; Ishfaq, Muhammad; Wagner, Simon D.; Willis, Anne E.; Steele, Andrew J.; Stevenson, Freda K.; Forconi, Francesco; Coldwell, Mark J.; Packham, GrahamJournal Article
6-Jun-2016Transcriptional and Translational control of the expression of the EMT transcription factor ZEB2 in cancer cellsAlghamdi, Youssef Saeed H.Thesis
22-Apr-2016Metabolic pathways regulated by TAp73 in response to oxidative stressAgostini, Massimiliano; Annicchiarico-Petruzzelli, Margherita; Melino, Gerry; Rufini, AlessandroJournal Article